Home Uncategorized Liah opens up about main inspirations, latest single ‘Get Up’ and more: Interview
Liah opens up about main inspirations, latest single ‘Get Up’ and more: Interview

Liah opens up about main inspirations, latest single ‘Get Up’ and more: Interview

Home Uncategorized Liah opens up about main inspirations, latest single ‘Get Up’ and more: Interview

Looking to leave her own mark within the electronic dance industry, Liah has been emulating her love for music in the most enticing of ways. Hailing from the South of Germany, it was at a very young age when she discovered her passion towards this particular art, and in fact, having mastered the craft of both the piano and the violin, it was not that long until electronic music would enter her life, and ultimately, capture her heart as the style of music that she now blesses us all with. Releasing her very first single in 2021, ‘Back To You‘ was just the stepping stone in what has set out to become a prosperous career within our community, with Liah showing her love for the Electro/BassHouse genre through each of her productions, as well as through the highly energetic drops that feature heavily at her live shows. Elevating her presence at any give chance, we are more than thrilled to have caught up with this rising star, as she opens up about her main inspirations, her signature style of play, her latest single with NAEMS, ‘Get Up,’ her future aspirations and much more.

Hello Liah and thank you for joining us! Could you give us a little insight on your main inspiration(s), as well as what led you to follow a career within the dance scene?

Hi and thanks for having me! I draw most of my inspiration from music that I listen to in my free time as well as what I feel when listening to it. It is important to me to reflect that in my tracks. Making music was always a big part of my life and this is why I am not surprised that I ended up in this industry. Watching other DJs perform at festivals and in nightclubs that I went to, was really interesting to me and made me want to make electronic dance music as well. Through making music I want to share my happy experiences with other people.

Releasing your first single in 2021, ‘Back To You’ has well and truly stamped your mark within our community. We would like to know the overall feel of having your debut track released, as well as the main thought process behind its production?

Since ‘Back To You’ was my first release it will always have a special place in my heart. When I’m thinking back to the release day I still get super excited. The thought process behind it was to produce a summer track that catches people’s attention.

With electro/bass house the prominent genre(s) in your career thus far, could you let us know how your style of play has helped you evolve as an artist, as well as any plans you may have on changing things up and exploring new sound(s) and genre(s) as time progresses?

Over the past couple of months, I finally found the style of music that I like to play and produce the best. It is much more powerful and energetic than it used to be and I feel like I can represent it really well. I am sure that I will try out some new genres and styles of music over the years but at the moment I really enjoy playing Electro/BassHouse.

Remaining on the theme of highly energetic productions, your latest collaboration with NAEMS, ‘Get Up,’ is out now! We would like to know a little more on the production process of this certified hit, as well as the overall feeling when collaborating with NAEMS himself?

For us ‘Get up’ is supposed to trigger a feeling of pure happiness and joy in people. We want to inspire them to never give up on their dreams and remind them how strong they are. We spent a lot of time working on the track, but I really enjoyed it. Who knows, maybe there is coming more in the future?!With NAEMS influence the song got the power of an energetic bass house track.We combine there catchy vocals with the unique drop pluck and trap segments, so it got a special vibe.NAEMS and I had this vision of a massive and unique festival track that wouldstay on people’s minds.


Image Credit: Liah x NAEMS (Press)


Having performed at some of the biggest venues in Europe, could you give us a further look on how you may prepare for each of your shows, as well as the energy that you strive to emit when on stage?

I try to be good prepared before going on stage. My main goal is to have tracks on hand that I enjoy to play and that I know the crowd will love. It is still hard for me to stay calm and relaxed before playing shows, especially the big ones but I always try to turn that into energy that I can share with the people. The feelings that you have on stage are indescribable and amazing. When I am on stage I can’t stop smiling.

Developing a signature sound of play is no easy task, we would like to know how difficult or not have you found life within the dance scene thus far, as well as the overall feeling you have when looking to produce a track that will stand out from the rest?

For me, life in the dance scene is really exciting because I wasn’t used to it. I am traveling a lot for this job and get the chance to meet great people all the time. It is crazy to see the changes that this industry already brought to my life. When producing a new song, it is very important to get out of your comfort zone to create something special and unique. Sharing ideas with other artists and producers help a lot in that process. We try to incorporate my personal style but also like to take advice from others when making new music.


Image Credit: Liah (Press)


With 2022 now in full force, could you give us a little insight on any future plans that you may have, as well as any new Liah releases that may be on the horizon?

2022 is an exciting year for me because there are a lot of great things waiting for me. My biggest gig and biggest achievement of my career so far will take place in Croatia. I will play at Papaya Club and share the stage with artists like Nervo, Plastik Funk and Alle Farben which is really crazy. My team and I are working on a lot of new music and I am really looking forward to share it with the world. Be prepared for new Liah tracks!

All set on leaving a lasting impact within our community, Liah is at the very start of what is looking out to become a more than successful journey in an industry that she is truly passionate about. Exploring her very own style of play through each of her productions, we will most definitely be keeping a close eye on this rising star and all her future endeavors within the dance scene, but in the meantime, be sure to check our her latest single ‘Get Up’ with NAEMS below, with the track also available for streaming through all major platforms here. Enjoy!


Featured Image Credit: Liah (Press)

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