ODESZA announce upcoming album is finished

“It’s Done”. Those two simple words have sent fans of the iconic duo ODESZA into a frenzy. Why? It’s because those two words are relating to a certain upcoming album.

Taking to their socials to share the huge news in such a simple way, they shared a graphic of the folder with the album inside titled ‘ALBUM DONE’, and understandably fans of the duo are going crazy. After teasing fans with news of their comeback which was titled ‘The Last Goodbye’, it had fans panicking at first thinking that this was the last time we would hear of the duo, but it just turned out to be the title of their incredible returning single. Since the start of this new era earlier last month, they have also dropped another single titled ‘Better Now’ alongside MARO. This isn’t all, either, as they also announced their returning show – aptly titled ‘The Return’ – at the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle which turned out to become a three-nighter due to insane demand.

So, what can we expect from the album? We currently don’t have any date or tracklist yet, or even any extra information other than it’s finished, but we can look forward to being drip fed more information about it in these coming months. Like with previous ODESZA albums, we can expect this one to take us on an unprecedented melodic journey and if the two lead singles are anything to go by, then we’re in for a real treat.

Be sure to stay tuned to our socials and website for more news about the upcoming album, but for now the hype has officially been set into motion!

Image credit: Tonje Thilesen 

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