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Paul Oakenfold announces his memoir ‘Ready Steady Go: My Unstoppable Journey in Dance’

Paul Oakenfold is one name within the industry that everyone has heard, the English superstar producer and DJ has achieved wonderous accolades throughout his over 40-year career. With millions of streams and over 5 million album sales, Paul Oakenfold is now giving us an insight into his incredible life and career by releasing a brand new memoir.

Titled ‘Ready Steady Go: My Unstoppable Journey in Dance’  this memoir will take a deep dive into Paul Oakenfold’s prosperous career, from early musical beginnings in the 1980s when the DJ was found playing New York and London clubs to the story of him starting one of the longest-running electronic music record labels, being Perfecto Records. We will also discover the personal life of Oakenfold throughout this memoir, including his struggle with battling with dyslexia, and how it shaped his career for better and worse. The DJ himself discusses the memoir in more detail when he states:

“In a career like mine, you don’t get many chances to stop and reflect on what you’ve achieved. Writing this book has given me the opportunity to reminisce on the many wild moments in my career from DJ-ing at Stonehenge and the base camp of Mount Everest to working with legends like Madonna U2 and many more to running my own record label. It’s also made me think more about the crucial personal moments in my life that had more of an impact on me than I first thought like growing up with dyslexia. That’s something that set me on a creative path that I owe a lot of my career to. I feel privileged to share my life stories with you and there’s many more already in the making for the next memoir!”

Although a lengthy career, there seems no signs of slowing down for the 58-year-old DJ who already has a stacked lineup of shows throughout 2022. Upon the lineup of some of the world’s hottest festivals the likes of Creamfields and Glastonbury, the DJ is also penned to join New Order and Pet Shop Boys as the opening DJ for their 2022 North American Unity Tour.

‘Ready Steady Go: My Unstoppable Journey in Dance’ is releasing in the UK on 18th August 2022 and you can find more information on the memoir and his tour dates here.

Image credit: Paul Oakenfold (via Press)


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