Sander van Doorn

Sander van Doorn donates all proceeds from Dallas show in aid of Ukraine

Following the devastating climate that has been caused due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, a vast array of figures within the dance scene have looked at contributing towards the people that are in desperate need of aid and support. With this said, Dutch-born DJ/producer Sander van Doorn could not let the current geopolitical crisis just unfold in front of his eyes, without himself doing everything in his power to help the individuals that are being affected by the Russian invasion in their beloved homeland.

Having returned to North America for his 2022 spring tour, van Doorn performed his final shows with a heavy heart, as the knowledge of the war that is unfolding in Ukraine, could not leave his conscious unrattled. Looking to give back to the people of Ukraine in any way possible, the electro house prodigy made the instant decision of donating all of the proceeds from his show at Stereo Live in Dallas, Texas, and in this way showcasing his full support towards Ukraine and its citizens. Taking to his social media accounts, and Instagram in particular, van Doorn made the following statement;

“As I’m on my way to my next show, it’s with a double feeling. Knowing there are so many people suffering at the moment because of the recent events in Ukraine, I just can’t end this tour without doing something. Therefore I decided to donate my full fee of tonight’s show to support Ukraine. Any form of support can make a difference so let us stand united.” – Sander van Doorn

A truly unique touch during these sensitive times, van Doorn is the latest artist within the dance scene to not only voice his opinion against the Russian invasion, but also act towards providing a helping hand to those affected. With the music industry rising to support the devastating events that are unfolding in Ukraine, such acts of kindness further showcase the significance of taking a stand against social injustice, as our community once more unites in a bid to do exactly that.

Image Credit: Carin Verbruggen

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