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Vintage Culture and Maxi Jazz spread visceral sensations on ‘Commotion’: Listen

The magic continues. Week after week, some of the biggest releases are coming from teams, offering electronic music lovers nothing short of brilliant collaborations. One of the standout collaborations these days is that of Vintage Culture with Maxi Jazz, who come together to create a melodic and emotional dance cut. ‘Commotion‘ is a divine atmospherical track, out now via Spinnin’ Records.

Maxi Jazz is a name that resonates worldwide. The multifaceted English artist is a renowned musician, rapper, singer, songwriter and DJ but the role that immortalised his career was in the seminal recording group Faithless. Maxi Jazz was co-founder of this legendary act and frontman for most of the band’s existence which he left in recent years. Whether under the Faithless umbrella or under his own name, during his long career Maxi Jazz left a ballast of an urban and interventionist culture, using music as a weapon of social awareness. His lyrics and penetrating voice are his trademark and are also the primary element of ‘Commotion’. About the concept behind the lyrical portrait of modern days that Maxi Jazz frames this new single, the artist states:

‘These lyrics arrived in the middle of the night while I was pondering the difference between the world I grew up in and where we are today. Like most people, I’m more than a little concerned over the future for generations to come and the words took 20 minutes to write. They poured out of me like a tap. And they come from a place of love, not fear.’

Vintage Culture needs no introduction. His path has been meteoric, fast and sharp, gradually becoming not only a recognised producer but also a major presence in the lineups of the main electronic music festivals. The unique way in which he constructs his melodies makes his creations timeless and almost impossible to categorize, floating in a musical realm that pleases most ears. It’s undoubtedly an elegant sound that fills mainstages while having the depth to satiate the most intimate of clubs. Vintage Culture’s ability to create textured narratives finds in this collaboration the perfect complement. In this production with Maxi Jazz, he explains that:

‘The lyrical wizardry of Maxi Jazz has been an inspiration for many years. Few artists can create such a vivid lyrical picture and simultaneously put these words to melody as Maxi. It is an honor to work with this legend on our new track ‘Commotion.”

The reference to Faithless is almost impossible to avoid in the very first seconds of ‘Commotion’. Maxi Jazz’s rap-inspired cadence and the tone of his voice immediately take you back to the band’s classics, but Vintage Culture’s soundscape quickly enlightens you of the freshness and novelty brought by this single. Cinematic, atmospheric, and dreamy. ‘Commotion’ encapsulates a current and relevant message that Maxi Jazz’s powerful voice urgently employs. The compelling bassline grabs you by the gut while the swirling synths capture your mind. The balance of beat with the rest of the instrumental melody is elegant and dynamic, resulting in a track that stands out for its distinction. It is a rich musical experience that is highly recommended. Get swept away by ‘Commotion’ below:

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