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Ultra Miami Outfit Guide: What to wear to UMF 2022

After nearly two years of being postponed, Ultra Miami is scheduled to be back in full swing from March 25-27. The lineup is insane and the afterparties are even crazier, but arguably one of the most important and fun aspects of Ultra is the fashion. If you’re struggling with what to wear to Ultra Miami, look no further – we’re here to help with our handy outfit guide!

Ultra Miami is taking place at Bayfront Park in Miami, Florida, a destination known for its sunny weather and beaches.  Since the festival is taking place in a sunny location, it is most likely going to be in the high 70s-80s. It’s important to wear cool comfortable clothing – however, Florida is also known for its sudden and unexpected rainy hours, so you might want to keep a light rain jacket or poncho on standby.

As we all know, comfort is key at festivals.  While we all want to look our best, it’s strongly recommended that a comfy pair of shoes are the best place to start.  You can’t go wrong with low-top Converse or Adidas Supras, or anything with a small platform.

If that just ain’t your style, you can search the plethora of thigh-high boots from iHeartRaves.

Image: Pintrest

Now that the basics are down, on to the fun stuff!  Keep in mind that Ultra Miami (and pretty much every festival) is very much a “no-judgment zone”, and with that being said, wearing what makes you feel comfortable is key, especially considering the Miami heat and a full day of dancing.  You can go bold and bright with this outfit from Nasty Gal, or keep it simple and standard through iHeartRaves ‘Rave Basics’ here.  We also recommend adding in some cute accessories like a fanny pack, colorful scrunchies or hair clips, and TONS of glitter.

Have a blast at Ultra!


Image credit: Ultra (via Facebook