Home Uncategorized A wider look at the most unique of NFT projects, ‘Rave The Future’
A wider look at the most unique of NFT projects, ‘Rave The Future’
Rave The Future NFT

A wider look at the most unique of NFT projects, ‘Rave The Future’

Home Uncategorized A wider look at the most unique of NFT projects, ‘Rave The Future’

Combining the real with the digital world in the most enticing of ways, Rave The Future is the most recent project to be launched, and in turn, connect the bridge between the music industry and the metaverse. Currently in the minting process, this new project for NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and music lovers is most definitely one that you don’t want to miss out on, as EDMNOMAD bring their vision to life, and in doing so, create a platform that opens endless of possibilities for each and everyone that is directly involved.

Taking inspiration from real life dance music enthusiasts, the Rave The Future project comes to fruition through a current collection of 10,000 unique computer generated Ravers, with each featuring over 230 attributes, as well as containing various traits embodied from everyday life. Maintaining the most authentic of elements, Ravers comprise of their very own accessories and body features, with a prime aim of expressing their love for music in a way that correlates to the real world. With this in mind, this latest Web3 initiative is more than ready to take the dance industry by storm, as each Raver is randomly generated from a pool of a total of 230+ attributes, some being more rare than others, but ultimately, with the same goal of raising funds for future developments.


Image Credit: Rave The Future


Minting Ravers for a price of 0.1 ETH each, holders of the Rave The Future NFT’s will eventually be able to control their very own Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), as they will solely be in charge of the funds and operations through a system that allows for a smooth and most significantly fair process. Allowing both fans and artists to benefit through the metaverse and everything that it has to offer, holders will be able to decide the future of the innovative music DAO, and in turn, further amplify their own possessions, as well as everything that relates to electronic music, from record labels, to their favourite artists and everything in between.

A truly unique project that is currently at the early stages of its expansion, Rave The Future will be elevating the music industry in more ways than none, and of course, we are all for it. Backed by EDMNOMAD, it has become more than evident that the Web3 space is well and truly entering our community, and as this project moves forward, it shall come to no surprise that an array of future developments are in place, with all directly relating to the music industry and the influence that the metaverse can have on the dance industry as a whole. For any further information, the ability to mint your very own Raver, as well as joining this very movement, be sure to check the official Rave The Future website here. Will you be a part of this unique project? Let us know in the comment section.

Image Credit: Rave The Future (via Instagram)

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