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Alesso vs OneRepublic ‘If I Lose Myself’ turns 9 years old

9 years ago on April 2nd, 2013, Alesso and OneRepublic released their highly regarded collaboration ‘If I Lose Myself’ to the world. Since its release, the track has garnered over 250 million streams on Spotify and received a Grammy Award Nomination for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical as well as charting in numerous charts across the world.

‘If I Lose Myself’ was originally a recording from just the American band OneRepublic as a part of their third studio album titled ‘Native’, being released as the first official single from the album in early January of 2013. The release quickly gained the attention of the Swedish producer Alesso who was quick to put his unique progressive house spin on the track. Premiering the remixed for the first time at Ultra Music Festival on March 24, 2013, the track was quick to become a fan’s favourite ID and a highly anticipated future release. Upon its release, the remix raced up charts around the globe and is currently certificated gold in the United Kingdom and 4x platinum in Alesso’s home country of Sweden. Producer Alesso discussed the track in 2013 during an interview with The Independent when he stated:

I haven’t been this happy about a remix I’ve done since “Pressure”. I feel like I’ve got everything I want in this record, all what I could wish for musically. I do like the original and I wanted a kick that would preserve the ‘live’ feeling energy you get when you listen to it. I worked on it for like a month, going to the studio everyday, wondering what I was going to do, going backward, forward, trying different beats and drums and basslines, everything. I had an idea but didn’t really know how to make it sound the way I wanted. Then I thought, I’m not going to mess around for ages, I want to give it to them straight away. Sometimes people give just a preview, and you never know when it’s coming out. This time I wanted to hear their thoughts immediately because I felt so excited by the record

The remix of ‘If I Lose Myself’  stands as one of the tracks people bring up when discussing the Golden Age of Electronic Dance Music and was one of the driving forces behind the popularity of Progressive House in the early 2010s. Take a trip down memory lane and listen to the track on Spotify below.

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