Avicii at Ultra Miami 2013: Relive his groundbreaking performance

Looking back at one of the dance scenes’ most revolutionary of artists, Avicii (real name Tim Bergling) would go onto creating a lasting legacy that will outlive generation after generation. Blessing us all with the most eclectic of sound(s), the Swedish DJ/producer would ensure that his love for music was portrayed through each of his releases, whilst his genre-defying endeavors resulted in the legendary status that has been bestowed on his name to this very day. Leaving behind a glimpse of his genius mind through the most impressive of musical repertoires, fans alike slowly came to terms with the magnitude of the loss felt ever since his tragic passing, and as we pay tribute on the fourth anniversary of our community’s darkest of days, we could not help but reminisce about Avicii’s set at Ultra Miami in 2013, the set that changed everything we ever thought we knew about the man himself, as well as his musical orientation.

Showcasing the endless possibilities that correlated directly with his own style of play, and even more significantly what he aimed to portray at that very moment in time, the mixed reactions that followed, could only act as an indicator of how ahead of his time Avicii actually was. Captivating audiences at any given chance, hit anthems such as ‘Levels‘ and ‘Seek Bromance‘ were no longer in the mix, and thus, everyone in the crowd for the last 30 minutes of that very Ultra set, became unknowingly witnesses of one of, if not, the most iconic of moments in dance history. Bringing on stage an array of country and soul oriented musicians, it was not long until history was made, as the man of the moment saw Ultra Miami as the perfect opportunity of not only unveiling his debut album, ‘True,’ but also solidifying that fact that no matter the response, positive or negative, Avicii would always remain true to himself and his sound.

Taking a risk that at the time may have even been considered as unnecessary, it was not long until the critics would explode, suggesting that such experiments would only harm the reputation and integrity of the man in question. Maybe Ultra Miami was not the ideal venue to stray far from your usual sound, or maybe Avicii was overestimating his own presence within the dance industry, or just maybe, no one in attendance was actually ready to accept the groundbreaking nature that was unfolding right before their eyes. Criticized in more ways than none, the Swedish icon never lost hope of one day uniting the world through his love for music, and that no matter the genre, background or even the current affiliation, music is the one true form of art that can be replicated in endless segments that define time in the most unique of fashions.

Mesmerising in every sense of the word, Avicii’s 2013 set at Ultra Miami is one for the history books, and as time progresses, there is no denying the musical genius of this multifaceted artist. Making the most groundbreaking of statements, this very moment is considered by most as the leap from just an ordinary record maker, to that of a dance music icon, and we would be lying if we said that we didn’t share the very same thought. Taking us all on the most nostalgic of journeys, be sure to relive Avicii’s iconic set at Ultra Miami below, and don’t forget to leave us your own thoughts on that very moment, the moment that dance music history would change forever. Enjoy!


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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