Brey explores new sonical boundaries with captivating single ‘IMU’: Listen

Brey unveils her highly anticipated single ‘IMU’ and draws upon her own personal experiences through her music which listeners can deeply relate to in their life.

At the young age of 8, multi-talented artist Brey grew up playing the piano and found a passion for classical cello. Naturally expressing her emotions and musical abilities through her mesmerizing music, Brey is an artist who really does it all. From singing and songwriting, Brey sings with a sensitive yet fierce lyrical style that captivates you from the start of each thumping alternative tune and draws upon influences such as Elvis Presley, Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, Halsey, and more. Growing up in the sunshine state of Florida and now residing on the East Coast in South Carolina, if there was one artist to absolute captivate you through her music it is Brey. At 20 years old there is no stopping this talented artist and today she has released her newest tune ‘IMU’ which will definitely be played on repeat all summer long.

With the captivating single produced by Cosmic Wire’s label head BLAZAR , you already know this one is about to be a special one. As gentle chimes and a steady slow-tempo bassline appear in and out of the single, Brey’s powerful vocals take full control as listeners are taken into her world of pure emotion and innovative sound design. With a bold and vibrant beat contrasting with the deep alluring vocals from Brey, the mesmerizing tune invokes those summery sounds that make the track irresistible, along with plenty of attitudes to make sure there is no one standing between you and the open road. Sharing her thoughts behind the single, Brey shares:

“The feeling of being intoxicated by somebody. To the point where you can’t think straight and everything about them consumes you. To the point where you put their well-being above you every single time. It’s the realization that you really haven’t moved on from what happened and that you miss them, even despite the song indulges in, trying to almost erase them (for example the line), “I can burn, everything from you but I can’t kill the thought of you.” It’s missing somebody to the point where you feel insane by trying to separate your day-to-day life without them anymore.”

Be sure to listen to ‘IMU’ below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo Credits: Brey Official Facebook

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