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Coachella 2022: 10 sets to not miss during weekend two
Swedish House Mafia Coachella 2022
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Coachella 2022: 10 sets to not miss during weekend two

Home Uncategorized Coachella 2022: 10 sets to not miss during weekend two

There are so many unique acts to see at Coachella 2022. Here are the ten that you will not want to miss as you make your way to the festival.

As we quickly approach the start of weekend two of Coachella 2022, there are many things to be excited over. Above all is, of course, the music. Some of the industry’s greatest artists will gather in the desert of Indio, California, this weekend to create moments that will remain in our memories for a lifetime. To be there to witness any of these live is what dreams are truly made of. While there are over 100 acts to choose from, we will narrow it down to the ten who we feel are absolute can’t miss performances leading into the next three days.


10. Lawrence

Coachella 2022
Image Credit: Brandon Weil


You want a reason to get to the festival grounds earlier? Let Lawrence be that reason. Consisting of the sibling duo, Clyde and Gracie Lawrence, along with six backing members who all play a vital role in the band’s sound, Lawrence will be one of the most fun sets of the entire weekend. From the exquisite piano playing of Clyde to the masterful sounds of the saxophone from Sumner Becker and Jordan Cohen, and to cap it all off, the insane vocal range from Gracie, the talent the band possesses is through the roof. The New-York based group will give provide one of the most musically captivating shows of Coachella.


9. Danny Elfman

Coachella 2022
Image Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Coachella

The legendary American film composer takes center stage with his orchestra in the desert to bring a performance that can rarely be seen anywhere else. Elfman opens up all our fondest memories through the big screen whether it be past or present. The composer is best known for his scores on The Simpsons, A Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Spider-Man, Good Will Hunting and Tim Burton’s Batman. It is a show that all who attend will be able to connect with on some level.


8. Flume

Coachella 2022
Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images


As he continues his rollout for his upcoming album ‘Palaces,’ Flume graces the biggest spotlight of Coachella as he brings his newest world to the main stage. The set features an entirely brand new production that will please your senses from its bright and vibrant color palette that illuminates from the massive screens behind him and not to mention the number of surprise guests he might bring out during the show. Flume is one of the best electronic acts all weekend.



Coachella 2022
Image Credit: G Noire Courtesy of Coachella


It’s pretty simple why you can’t afford to miss BROCKHAMPTON’s show because you will literally never get another chance again. The hip-hop group announced on their Instagram that the Coachella shows would be the final performances for the band as they will take an indefinite hiatus after eight years together. Numerous times members in the group have stated that this is 100% the end, so if you don’t catch them now, you will never get the chance. But aside from that, BROCKHAMPTON delivers one of the most outrageous and best hip-hop experiences that Coachella 2022 offers on the lineup.


6. Duke Dumont

Duke Dumont
Image Credit: Duke Dumont


The set that Duke Dumont has prepared for Coachella could be pound-for-pound the best set of his career. Not only is the mix 100% jaw-dropping and spot-on, but Dumont stands behind a massive wall of LED panels that delivers one of the best overall experiences at the festival. Titled “Duality,” as it takes from his 2020 album, Dumont as stated that this production is one that incorporates many themes. After watching this show, Dumont might very well jump to the top of your list of favorite DJs.


5. Harry Styles

Coachella 2022
Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for ABA


He’s one of the headliners for a reason. Styles delivers a masterpiece of a performance that not everybody is capable of presenting. With his larger-than-life persona, the “Sign of the Times” singer fills the incredibly high expectations that come with his Friday closing slot and goes beyond that. Styles’ show includes a highly energetic, dance-oriented and remarkable vocal showcase for the entire 80 minutes filled with special guests, magnificent outfits and Styles’ iconic dance moves. Make sure you have your popcorn and dancing shoes ready as there is never a dull moment while the man from Redditch is on stage.


4. Madeon

Coachella 2022
Image Credit: Madeon


Many would say that this could easily be considered the best set of weekend one, and there would be nothing wrong with that statement. The French producer is holding no punches as he brings his Good Faith Forever production to the desert for another round. After watching this show in its entirety on the live stream last weekend, its no question that this is a career-defining moment for Madeon. It’s no secret that this is a moment he has dreamed of for years and is now finally getting to put his mark on the iconic festival. Between the beautiful mix of music and visuals that will transport you into another world, what Madeon is providing at Coachella 2022 goes way beyond just a normal electronic music set. It is an experience that nobody will forget.


3. Doja Cat

Coachella 2022
Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella


Coming fresh off her first-ever Grammy win, Doja Cat stole the show on Sunday last weekend. Arguably bringing the best all-around show experience of Coachella, she shows why her name continues to rise to the top festival lineups. Every minute of her performance is choreographed and features numerous costume changes. It’s easy to tell that Doja Cat puts a ton of thought and practice into her shows, and as usual, it pays off in the biggest way possible. Like Styles, there is never a down moment in her set, and with one of the funniest personalities in the music industry, you’ll kick yourself if you miss out on one of the best all-around performers currently in music.

(P.S. You almost HAVE to go and support the woman who single handily brought back the Taco Bell Mexican pizza, right?)


2. Billie Eilish

Coachella 2022
Image Credit: Jenn Five


You should never miss the opportunity to be a part of history, and that is exactly what you will get at Billie Eilish’s Saturday headlining set. When Eilish takes the Coachella 2022 stage for weekend two, she will be doing so as the youngest headliner in the festival’s history. With the immaculate list of acts that Coachella has hosted throughout its tenure, that is quite the honor. With that comes a ton of pressure. But as the talented professional that she is, Eilish shows why she is worthy of owning that title. This set will leave you with goosebumps up and down your body from start to finish. Eilish comes locked and loaded with one of the most popular discographies currently in music as she delivers hit after hit that will have you singing at the top of your lungs. Eilish will leave you speechless as she dominates one of the most sought-after stages in music. These are just a few of the many reasons why you need to be at the Coachella stage on Saturday night. Not to mention, the ending of her set is out of this world.


1. Swedish House Mafia x The Weeknd

Coachella 2022
Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Coachella


To say it is impressive what Swedish House Mafia and The Weeknd were able to pull off last Sunday with just a few short weeks of knowing they would be sharing the stage is selling their efforts short. It was nothing short of spectacular. This set embodies what Coachella is all about. Get ready for an all-time historic show as the electronic giants go back to back with one of the most popular artists in the world. Swedish House Mafia starts the performance out with an earth-shattering mix between their greatest hits and tracks off their newest album, ‘Paradise Again’ while The Weeknd takes the stage after to make a statement to the world that he belongs in the conversation as one of the greatest entertainers currently in the industry. You may never get to see a joint performance like this again, so don’t let this opportunity go to waste.

All of these artists listed are amazing, and there are plenty more acts on the lineup that deserve just as much attention. Let this list be a guide, but above all else, the number one thing to remember is to make your Coachella 2022 experience your experience. You are getting to be a part of music history. See everyone that you want to see but also check out those you have never heard of. That is what makes this festival so great. No matter who is on that stage, you know you are getting one of the best shows in the world.

View the entire Coachella 2022 lineup below. Catch the “Coachella Curated” live stream here. 

Coachella 2022

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