Flume continues album rollout with new single ‘Sirens’ alongside Caroline Polachek: Listen

As the latest Flume album ‘Palaces‘ is due to be released next month on May 20, the album rollout is continuing with the latest single release in the form of a collaboration with Caroline Polachek titled ‘Sirens‘.

With his incredibly unique soundscape that has been built and shaped over many iconic releases over the years, the Australian producer is showing that there’s no one like him in the game, and he’s ready to showcase a newer, evolved chapter of the Flume story. ‘Sirens’ is giving us yet another taste as to what to expect from ‘Palaces’ following the release of lead single ‘Say Nothing‘ with MAY-A, and if these two tracks are anything to go by, we’re in for a real adventure.

‘Sirens’ is a delicately emotional song, with Flume’s tonal metallic soundscape complimenting the haunting and operatic-like vocals beautifully, making sure to not overpower them but allow them to shine greatly. With this, the producer shows that he can go crazy with energy, but also strip it back and create unforgettable listening moments. Created alongside fellow producer Danny L. Harle (who Flume did a remix of ‘On A Mountain‘ for just last year) during the pandemic, all three artists made it remotely going back and forth between ideas to create this piece of magic. This is track 11 on the album, and you can view the full tracklist below.

Highest Building (feat. Oklou)

Say Nothing (feat. MAY-A)


ESCAPE (feat. Kučka)—with Quiet Bison

I Can’t Tell (feat. LAUREL)

Get U

Jasper’s Song

Only Fans (feat. Virgen Maria)

Hollow (feat. Emma Louise)

Love Light

Sirens (feat. Caroline Polachek)


Palaces (feat. Damon Albarn)

‘Sirens’ is out now everywhere, and you can stream it here as well as checking out the official track visualiser below.


Image Credit: Flume (via Facebook)

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