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Giolì & Assia release atmospheric new track ‘Fire, Hell and Holy Water’: Listen

Giolì & Assia provide sensational vibes with their first single of 2022, ‘Fire, Hell and Holy Water’

Powerhouse Italian duo Giolì & Assia had a stellar 2021 with huge releases the likes of the elegant single Quedate’a collaboration with Brazilian LGBTQ+ superstar Pabllo Vittar as well as their fascinating extended play ‘Moon Faces’Showcasing their incredible talent, the dynamic pair are back with their first release of 2022, the ecliptic track titled ‘Fire, Hell and Holy Water’.

Premiering the track during Diesis Live, a live set at Fagradalsfjall Volcano in Iceland, ‘Fire, Hell and Holy Water’ features the first single for an upcoming album of the same name. Containing delicate percussion and atmospheric notes in its productions, the track adds a sense of mystery that is backed by sensational and exquisite vocals performed perfectly by Assia. Dark and captivating basslines complete the song allowing for a memorable and euphoric experience for the listener, that is only taken further by the thoughtful lyricism. The track act as the perfect teaser for Giolì & Assia’s upcoming album which is expected to drop this summer and provides insight into the variety of Giolì & Assia’s soundscape.

‘Fire, Hell and Holy Water’ is out now on Ultra Music and is definitely worth checking out, listen for yourself via Spotify below and afterwards, you can out the Diesis Live set via YouTube here where you can also find the premier of 2 more breathtaking album tracks. Don’t forget to let us know what you think.

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