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Hardwell releases new single ‘F*cking Society’ from upcoming album: Listen

Returning once again to the release radar not long after his double release of the first two singles from upcoming ‘Rebels Never Die’ album, Hardwell is once again presenting another fan favourite Ultra 2022 ID, in the form of ‘F*cking Society’. 

Back at the start of this month, following closely behind his returning performance on the mainstage of Ultra for the coveted Sunday night headlining slot, he released a double single with ‘Broken Mirror’ (the haunting vocal-led track that was his Ultra intro) and ‘Into The Unknown’, giving us the first introduction of what we can expect from this ‘levelled up’ Hardwell, and the now so-called ‘Future Techno’ artist seems to have left big room productions in the past, retiring back when he did in 2018 for these four years.

‘F*cking Society’ is fuelled by this futuristic, sizzling mainstage techno sound that has traces of his older style, but lets his new found sound take centre stage. A cinematic, piano-led buildup takes the track into the stratosphere, with an echoing vocal surrounding the air around the listeners, encapsulating them in this new world. 

About the track, the man himself states:

F*CKING SOCIETY is here. One of my personal favorites of the album. I’ve been working on this track for more than 2 years until I was satisfied. Playing it for the first time ever – getting such an amazing crowd response felt truly amazing

Out now through his label Revealed Recordings, you can listen to it in all of its glory here.

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