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Hardwell returns with two new singles ‘Broken Mirror’ & ‘Into The Unknown’: Listen

Still living off of the high of Sunday night’s close-out of UMF in Miami, Hardwell is back with two new singles. After an almost four-year hiatus, the dance legend produced one of the most anticipated comeback performances in EDM history with a set filled with new music, the announcement of his new solo album ‘Rebels Never Die’, and a world tour. We’re so excited that today, Hardwell unveils his first two singles from the new 14-track album, ‘Broken Mirror’ and ‘Into The Unknown’

The two opening tracks from his Ultra performance are no longer just IDs. The haunting delivery of Broken Mirror’ featuring a ticking clock and the sound of Hardwell’s voice is a cinematic nod to a darker sound. His monologue, accompanied by a dark metronome tempo and industrial chimes, gives this track an eerie dystopian feel. Building and swelling with intensity before reaching an apex, Hardwell unleashes a powerful statement that touches on his reflective mindset, I know you have your opinion. But let’s be honest…Your opinion of me does not define who I am. Because I know what you want me to be. Now, I’m gonna show you who I truly am.”

In contrast to the spoken-word lead single, the counter release in this double-headed single drop is ‘Into The Unknown’, a solid dance floor-orientated cut that marks the first single that had the world stand up and pay attention during his Ultra set. A searing techno release that brings in abrasive, ripping swathes of synth and oscillating melodic arpeggios. Fusing a female vocal with ominous hair-raising tension, Hardwell’s careful creation is a menacing addition to the stadium-techno genre.

Clearly, Hardwell has used his sabbatical to redefine his signature sound and now that the canvas is wiped clean, Hardwell is back.

Stream both singles here.

Image Credit: Facebook