Nora En Pure

Premiere: Nora En Pure mesmerizes with vocal-lead new single ‘Us’: Listen

Nora En Pure finally reveals ‘Us’, after the growing hype created around this track after her latest sets. This is one of the most anticipated IDs from the queen of deep house and we have the premiere.

Nora En Pure continues to grace us with her driving creations. Even with a frenetic schedule that makes her travel to the four corners of the world to offer her fans her intimate sets, Nora does not slow down her release rhythm, and that is just as well! Her relentless pace in releasing new music also crowns her as a relentless tastemaker who has no inhibitions in sharing her immaculate melodic compositions. So far 2022 has been hovering with several offerings from this Helvetic nerd. After her acclaimed remix of Claptone‘s ‘Queen Of Ice‘, Nora En Pure landed on Enormous Tunes once again with the beautiful and epic melodic house cut ‘Reminiscing‘. It didn’t take many months for Nora to return to this imprint with another magical release. ‘Tribe of Kindness‘ was the single that followed, bringing unparalleled energy and concept, something spiritually transcendent that only Nora En Pure can imprint on her music. Continuing in a magical and sentimental vein, heartfelt ‘Us‘ finally arrives, with an official release date scheduled for tomorrow via Enormous Tunes.

Nora is in the habit of testing her productions on the dancefloor, a test that is always passed with flying colours. Lately, there is one track that has been shining in her sets, causing a massive emotional wave amongst all music lovers. Uniting fans by a common love and a strong feeling that is absorbed through her music, Nora En Pure has been spreading something so magical it feels like sorcery. Much eagerness and hype have been generated around this new ID that everyone wants to get their hands on to have in their pocket, like a secret weapon of well-being. If you’re one of those who’s been waiting, rejoice, for this track has arrived. Titled ‘Us’, this new single marks the first vocal-lead release from the talented artist. Nora’s soundscapes are already very emotive but adding a stunning voice and heartfelt lyrics makes them reach a climax of emotionality. On ‘Us’, the melodic producer manages to once again deliver a strange sense of belonging that makes you immediately attached to the song. This feature turns ‘Us’ into not only a beautiful bet for the dancefloor but also a hit on other channels like radio, which will make it part of this summer’s soundtrack.

Dressing up the warm and textured vocals, Nora delivers her signature piano chords without forgetting her magical and dense bassline. Although easily identifiable, the characteristic elements of her productions are always crafted with intense creativity, resulting in fresh and ethereal sounds. No heart can remain indifferent to this powerful ‘Us’, which will warm you from the inside out. Be one of the first to listen here:

Image Credit: Acre Media