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Vintage Culture & Goodboys pair up to deliver progressive new cut ‘This Feeling’: Listen

Vintage Culture and Goodboys have united to produce a dazzling progressive house gem. ‘This Feeling’ arrives just in time for the start of the season and is a contender for one of this summer’s best tracks.

Do you know ‘This Feeling‘? That little butterflies in your stomach that come along whenever global superstars get together to produce a track? Then get ready for a summer banger. House royalty Vintage Culture and multi-talented duo Goodboys cross their talents to bring you ‘This Feeling’. Out now via Insomniac Records, this anthemic delivery conjures up all the ingredients needed to become one of this summer’s top-rotating tracks.

By 2022 there is little that needs to be said to introduce Vintage Culture. One of Brazil’s most famous exports on the dance music circuit, Lukas Ruiz aka Vintage Culture has been non-stop since his inception, a trend that, given his schedule for this summer, looks set to continue upwards. His name is on several important posters such as Coachella, Ultra, Electric Daisy Carnival, EDC Las Vegas, and Tomorrowland, and also on the star-studded residency list of the famed venue , where he will be every Wednesday in Ibiza for 16 weeks. Recently the Brazilian artist collaborated with the legendary Maxi Jazz for the incredible ‘Commotion‘ and his latest hit on Insomniac Records together with James Hype is still fresh in the memory. Vintage Cultura is a talented songwriter, producer and performer, a versatility he shares with Goodboys who, as well as being producers, are also renowned writers and vocalists. This UK duo have been shooting straight since day one and continue to bring their music to life. Their massive debut to fame came in 2019 with the mega-hit ‘Piece Of Your Heart‘ with the award-winning MEDUZA, and they haven’t let up since. ‘This Feeling’ cement the well-deserved place Vintage Culture and Goodboys have in the house music realm and presents you with a scintillating tune.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the middle of the crowd on the mainstage of a big festival. If your imagination can’t transport you to that setting, this track certainly will. The anthemic aura of ‘This Feeling’ provokes almost a sonic illusion of being on the dancefloor, feeling the wind that the speakers spew out when they reach their limit. ‘I just don’t want this feeling to end’ is a heartfelt wish brought about by a dense, whispering vocal, more divine than human. The soundscape is beautifully crafted, displaying soaring synths that take you into progressive heaven and melodic breakdowns that ensure a delicate but lively rhythm right to the end. It’s almost impossible not to create an intimate and strong connection with this track, that seems to hit you directly in your deepest feelings. It’s an ode to the summer season, festivals and the months ahead. Is it a smash hit? Check it out by pressing play:


Image Credit: Vintage Culture (via Facebook), Goodboys (via Facebook)