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IMS Ibiza partnered with Viberate to provide data insights and exclusive workshop

As IMS Ibiza 2022 edition is approaching, they have partnered with leading music and analytics platform Viberate to provide data knowledge to the industry. Additionally, they’re hosting the first exclusive workshop about data analytics for industry professionals.

After a two year hiatus, IMS Ibiza is coming back in 2022 edition, gathering industry professionals across the globe to discuss and share their thoughts and ideas on the future of the industry. Those willing to share their ideas and discover new opportunities will have a chance for it on April 27th to 29th.

Viberate, leading music and analytics platform, came out just days before the start of the event. They are sponsoring the conference to provide useful data for the annual IMS Business Report. This report gives insight useful to music and events industries necessary to recover from the past two years. As we have seen in the 2021 IMS Ibiza Report, festivals and clubs globally lost 78% of their value. Therefore, the industry needs all knowledge and information at their disposal to recover the losses. It contains both valuation figures and input from a range of industry leaders, and once again is presented by renowned audience expert David Boyle.

Other than that, Viberate announced they will host the first exclusive analytics workshop for industry professionals. This workshop will provide the attendees with skills necessary to disseminate data analytics and understand their practical use.  Everyone who attends this workshop will be officially certified for their next-gen music analytics tool, making it an unique opportunity for all participants at the Summit.

“The music industry is finally returning to a somewhat normal state, so it’s very important for artists and labels to pick up the pace – and data is the perfect secret weapon for them,” says Vasja Veber, Viberate CBDO. “Of course data will never replace talent and hard work, but it levels the playing field, making everyone’s success more attainable. We’re all dreaming of a more equal industry, and we’re here to make that dream a reality.”

The 2022 IMS Ibiza Summit will take place April 27th-29th at the Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort. To find out about this year’s speakers and topics, visit their website here.

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