Man attempts to snorkel into Ultra Music Festival, rewarded with free VIP ticket

Ultra Music Festival in Miami is one of the hottest events and festivals of the year and due to this, tickets are hard to come by and incredibly sought after. However, festival-goer Jack Davidson took it upon himself to bypass the usual stressful ticket buying and try to snorkel into the event that takes place at Miami’s Bayfront Park. It seems that his efforts were a success as a TikTok video shows local police rewarded him with a VIP ticket to the festival that took place from Friday the 25th till Sunday the 27th of last month.

Taking to the social media platform to document his escapade, Jack Davidson is videoed diving into the sea near to Ultra Music Festival‘s location before being subsequently caught by local water patrol and police officers. Expecting this to be the end of the story, in a shocking turn of events the video reveals that due to the fact Miami’s police force thought the unique entry effort from Jack to be so entertaining, the TikToker was then rewarded with a VIP wristband to the festival. The TikTok, which has now surpassed over 250,000 views, finishes with Jack Davidson enjoying all aspects of the monumental festival still wearing the same snorkel suit and goggles from earlier in the day.

Responding to comments claiming the video was a faux and not real, Jack simply promised it was 100% real and he couldn’t believe it himself. Responding further he stated that the most hilarious part of it all was that not a single person found his snorkel suit, goggles and flippers at all out of place. You can check out the hilarious video for yourself on TikTok below.

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Image Credits: Ultra Miami (via Facebook) / Shutterstock


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