Mark Knight and James Hurr create club-ready banger ‘You Are A God’: Listen

Toolroom has just got a major reinforcement in its catalogue of releases and this time with the signature of the label boss himself. Mark Knight takes inspiration from the best clubbing nights to deliver his first release of 2022. ‘You Are A God‘ is a club-infused tech house cut produced alongside studio wizard James Hurr, featuring the incredible vocals of Cari Golden. If you’re a groove aficionado and beat addict, listen to this summer banger now, already available on the usual platforms.

The festival season is beginning and the opening parties are starting to proliferate, making this the ideal time to birth this summer’s bangers. To create one of the season’s anthems, Mark Knight has teamed up with talented mastermind James Hurr, and together they created magic. Technical perfection and creativity dance hand in hand, resulting in a very cohesive track. House vocalist Cari Golden is also invited to join the feast, offering this dance cut her sublime and powerful voice.

The medium-light, the bare walls, the sticky floor, and the chill on the spine. This is the perfect portrait of a typical club and the atmosphere is so well portrayed in the cover and soundscape of this disturbing single. ‘You Are A God’ is designed for dancing, encapsulating the spirit of house, the steadiness of techno, and the bass line of tech house. It’s rich, eclectic, and perfect for a night out dancing with friends. The percussion is powerful and uplifting, the vocals chat with you like a friendly voice while the layers oscillate brilliantly in a game of compression and relief. Get your party clothes and dancing shoes ready, because this track will have you dancing until you can’t. Mark Knight has a big summer in store and he’s clearly going to share that ecstasy with you. Press play and get swept away by this track that will make you feel like ‘You Are A God’:

Image credit: Mark Knight (via Facebook), James Hurr (via Facebook)