Martin Garrix & Justin Mylo

Martin Garrix drops ‘Find You’ with Justin Mylo, Sentio nears completion

Martin Garrix has teamed up with good friend Justin Mylo for their new collaboration ‘Find You’, featuring Dewain Whitmore

‘Find You’ by Martin Garrix and Justin Mylo features as the eighth track on his new club album ‘Sentio’, which will complete its release schedule next week on Friday, April 29. It’s absolutely no surprise that Mylo has been featured on the album; it’s their third official collaboration following ‘Bouncybob’ with Mesto and ‘Burn Out’, which also happens to feature the Grammy award-winner Whitmore. 

‘Find You’ is euphoric, bright and simply stunning. Its lyrics are reminiscent of a relationship, stranded with an ambition to regain the love that once was; Garrix, Mylo and Whitmore convey this idea in such a way that resembles with their audience. Although different to ‘Burn Out’, the trio have again created a beautiful track. It also happened to be premiered during Garrix’s Ultra Music Festival Miami set last month, which features all of the other ‘Sentio’ tracks; you can watch the set on YouTube here.

With the full release of ‘Sentio’ coming next Friday, it’s anticipated that ‘Sentio’ will feature at least two more tracks; one of which is with Shaun Farrugia, who already features on ‘Starlight (Keep Me Afloat)’ with DubVision. We’re expecting another collaboration with someone who’s worked with Garrix in the past, and according to 1001Tracklists, the final track is hard to pick at this stage, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted when the next ‘Sentio’ track does drop!

As it stands, you can find the current tracklist for ‘Sentio’ down below:

  1. Martin Garrix & Zedd‘Follow’
  2. Martin Garrix & Mesto – ‘Limitless’
  3. Martin Garrix & Vluarr‘Reboot’
  4. Martin Garrix & Brooks‘Quantum’
  5. Martin Garrix & Matisse & Sadko‘Good Morning’
  6. Martin Garrix & DubVision feat. Shaun Farrugia – ‘Starlight (Keep Me Afloat)’
  7. Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan‘Funk’
  8. Martin Garrix & Justin Mylo feat. Dewain Whitmore – ‘Find You’

You can also stream ‘Find You’ by Martin Garrix, Justin Mylo and Dewain Whitmore down below, please be sure to let us know your thoughts!

Image Credit: Justin Mylo (via Twitter)

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