Noisia announces final album before split ‘Closer’, release surprise track ‘Nova’

Noisia announces ‘Closer’ as their final album before splitting, “We are proud of the things we made along the way, and these tunes were always meant to be part of a larger whole.” the trio state regarding the album.

Although musical Dutch trio Noisia was meant to split at the end of 2020 following a worldwide tour that year. Due to the obvious pushback from shows because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the spilt was postponed to allow as many international fans to say their goodbyes properly, seeing the trio perform one last time. This eventually allowed creative juices from Noisia to flow, leading to the plan of one final album, which was announced today as ‘Closer’.

‘Closer’ by Noisia is releasing May 12th on VISION, a day before their highly anticipated Noisia Invites livestream from Amsterdam’s Melkweg and will contain a massive 20 tracks, including 9 previously released and 11 totally new. Featuring collaborations with the likes of Skrillex, Black Sun Empire and, The Upbeats, ‘Closer’ is expected to be the body of worth that break boundaries within the world of music and a perfect send-off for Noisia. The trio discuss the album when they state:

After Outer Edges we were trying to find a new direction for Noisia. This resulted in an extensive journey that took us through a lot of new ideas and music. – Although we eventually decided to stop, we are proud of the things we made along the way, and these tunes were always meant to be part of a larger whole. So before we finally close the book on Noisia, we wanted to share them with you, on one last album. Previously released or newly finished, they all represent directions we enjoyed exploring. – In the end, we didn’t manage to figure things out. But we did get closer.
Accompanying the exciting news is the release of the track ‘Nova’, a collaboration with Camo & Krooked, the atmospheric and mysterious track contains dark undertones with added flares of Drum n Bass, check it out for yourself via YouTube below. ‘Closer’ is currently available for pre-save on your favourite streaming platforms with physical CD’s and vinyl also being available to purchase, find all the details here.

Image Credit: Rutger for Billboard

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