Tritonal NFT

Tritonal give away ownership of their latest single as an NFT on Royal

After incredibly successful drops on the Royal NFT platform by 3LAU from artists like Diplo, Nas, and others, Tritonal is the latest artist to join the Royal family. Trional are selling music ownership as NFTs of their latest single ‘Getaway‘ to fans on April 5th; there will be 300 Tokens available for purchase. Royal tokens provide fans with a portion of a song’s streaming royalty rights, as well as access to special material and other perks. There are 3 different tiers that will be available on drop day, which are:

  • Tier 1 GOLD, consists of 250 Tokens available for purchase, and each token costs $199, for 0.0400% ownership of royalty streams of their latest single ‘Getaway’ and the 5 remixes. Fans also receive exclusive content from the artists.
  •  Tier 2 PLATINUM, consists of 40 Tokens available for purchase for the price of $499 for each, and 0.1500% royalty ownership per token. Fans also get, with each token, GA tickets to one Tritonal show of their choice and exclusive content.
  • Tier 3 DIAMOND, has a limited supply of 10 tokens; each token holds a value of $999, which is the most expensive of the lot, and the most beneficial. Fans receive 2 VIP tickets with backstage access to one Tritonal show of their choice (1x per year through to 2025) and 2 GA tickets to one Tritonal show of their choice. Finally, they also receive exclusive content.

The 2nd and 3rd Tier do not include festival performances, rather only show or club performances and fans must be 21+ of age to be able to attend.

Royal has seen massive success with previous drops, as Diplo was selling ownership of his latest single to fans “Don’t Forget My Love” with the help of Royal, and all the tiers were sold out in seconds. The same goes for Nas’s drop. We are very excited about this Tritonal NFT drop.


Image source: press