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Valoramous & The Safety Word join forces for eclectic 7-track ‘Amnesia (Remixes EP)’: Listen

Blessing us all with the most mesmerising of sound(s), American DJ/producer, Valoramous, and Australian synth-pop duo, The Safety Word, joined forces for the release of their ‘Amnesia (Remixes EP).’ Taking inspiration from the current climate(s) that are unfolding on the daily, this seven-track (7) EP acts as a distinct reminder towards the vast array of events and issues that are negatively impacting society, but more significantly, infuses a deeper meaning on how Western civilisation has yet to learn from the mistakes of the past. Representing a unique departure from their signatures sound(s), both artists are situated to portray a clear message through ‘Amnesia,’ and at the same time, have extended their collaboration with an eclectic array of six remixes from various genre-oriented artists.


Amnesia - Valoramous & The Safety Word - Album Art

Image Credit: Valoramous


Combining synthesizer and drum elements of electronic music, hip-hop and synth-pop, the original version of ‘Amnesia’ will have listeners embark on the most captivating, but at the same time, meaningful of journeys, whilst the ever-so soothing vocals of The Safety Word’s lead singer, John Rousvanis, have left us all in awe throughout the original track’s entirety. A collaboration like no other, both Valoramous and The Safety Word opted to elevate their track’s presence to even further heights, and thus, resulted in the release of their ‘Amnesia (Remixes EP).’ In addition to the original production, the likes of 3 Tribes, Robodop Snei, Increment, Eckul and The Wav A.P.S. added their own unique touch to this masterpiece of a track, under an array of various genres. Implementing their distinctive style of play, each of the chosen remix artists redirected the track to a different dimension, whilst Valoramous himself also produced a Big Room remake of ‘Amnesia,’ which a more uptempo vibe as compared to the other six tracks.


The Safety Word 2022

Image Credit: The Safety Word (Press)


Portraying the most emotive of messages through the power of music, each remix of ‘Amnesia’ will have you feeling some type of way, with all featured artists representing their signature sound in a manner that will impact anyone lucky enough to get their hands on this scintillating 27-minute EP. Eclectic in their record production and overall taste in music, Valoramous and The Safety Word provided us all with a collaboration for the ages, and at the same time, further proved the undeniable musical chemistry that exists between them. More than set to take the dance industry by storm, we will maintain a close eye on both artists as time progresses. In the meantime, be sure to check out the ‘Amnesia (Remixes EP)’ in all its glory here, and do not forget to tell us your opinion of the original track and its multi-genre renditions in the comments section. Enjoy!


Image Credit: Valoramous (via Instagram), The Safety Word (via Press)

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