Alex Lauter

Alex Lauter releases festival-ready track ‘Genesis’: Listen

Alex Lauter has just released a brand new thumping track entitled ‘Genesis’ out now via his label Lauterhaus.

After founding his own label back in 2018, Lauter has been self-releasing his own music in addition to signing other artists such as Xilla and James Gary, who in which Lauter supported at Freaky Deaky in 2021.  A few previous releases from the producer include his EP ‘Let Me Go‘ which was a collaboration with Neon Instruments that consisted of the title track and another track called ‘Cheating’.

‘Genesis’ is a groovy track that packs a punch and is made for the mainstages.  The nearly six-minute song begins with an ominous tone that goes right into the build of the track which eventually takes us to a hard-hitting speaker-rumbling drop.  As the song progresses, we’re brought deeper into the bassline that complements the gush of the kick.

Speaking on his newest release, Lauter stated, “I wrote Genesis to embody how I would start a massive festival off with – yet it also is a representation of the new life I’ve started the past 6 months, from moving to a new home, finding a new identity, & a complete & total rebirth of who I am.”  Additionally, Lauter states that he wants to refocus his time on putting out more releases and organize more events with an effort to “keep growing bigger & keep bringing more people together on the frequency & vibration of love.”

Listen to Alex Lauter‘s new track ‘Genesis’ below:

Image Credit: Alex Lauter (Press)