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Alok samples Destiny’s Child hit in latest single ‘The Club Is Jumpin’’

Alok has landed with his latest offering The Club Is Jumpin’ on CONTROVERSIA, sampling the one and only Destiny’s Child in creating this new club-orientated number.

Brazilian DJ and producer Alok has flaunted his technical ability once more, throwing down his latest release just days ago, on his own record label. ‘The Club Is Jumpin” sees him work around an iconic sample, chopping and changing the Destiny’s Child 1999 classic ‘Jumping’ Jumpin” throughout, for an infectious new bop.

Utilising the soulful vocal, he creates an irresistible, bass-infused Tech House record, immaculately designed with the club in mind. Complimenting an intricate bassline, the track carries with it a busy top-line, dressed with swirling synths and percussive accents that rise and fall to create that sense of atmosphere that has become so unique to Alok’s productions.

Alok showcases studio prowess with this one, as he approaches the classic with a club-friendly ‘future-tech’ style. ‘The Club Is Jumpin” arrives as one of a number of 2022 releases from the DJ, following up some of his previous works such as. ‘Meu Amor’, ‘Deeper’, ‘Headlights’ and ‘Run Into Trouble’ from earlier this year.

Check out the new Alok single, ‘The Club Is Jumpin’, for yourselves below! Let us know what you think…

Image Credit: Mauro Pimentel

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