Armin van Buuren Offshore

Armin van Buuren, AVIRA and Chicane combine for “Offshore” revamp: Listen

Armin van Buuren has once again teamed up with AVIRA and the legendary trance staple Chicane to reimagine the iconic dance hit “Offshore”.

Continuing their hot streak of productions together, Armin van Buuren and AVIRA have followed up both of their ‘Hollow Mask Illusion’ EP and ‘Sirius’ projects with yet another delightful offering for their fans. This time the pair combine with trance legend Chicane, to provide a mesmerising 2022 twist to the 1996 hit record ‘Offshore’. A timeless tribute to the genre they have each dedicated their careers to, this emotive new rendition of a trance classic brandishes a forward-thinking top-line saturated with melodic goodness.

‘Offshore’ powers through with a dramatic percussive arrangement, and an unrelenting bassline, upon which they arrange innovative new ideas and instrumentation in comparison to the original. It’s refreshing in the way it champions punchy piano notes to create a re-invigorating sense of rhythm throughout. Of course, nothing comes close to the original version of the record released all those years ago, however, this new collaboration does serve it justice and will surely extend the track’s legacy into the near future.

Be sure to check out the incredible work of Armin van Buuren, AVIRA and Chicane in this incredible revamp of ‘Offshore’ below.

Image Credit: Ruud Baan & AVIRA

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