Building A Client’s Base For Your Music Career With Instagram: Essential Steps

Music businesses and social media are now well integrated. Many music entrepreneurs are using social media platforms to improve their prospects and make the most out of it. Out of all the social media platforms, Instagram is a top choice among artists, music business owners, and entertainers, and there is a good reason why.

Instagram has 1,130.2 million users at present, and this number keeps going up. With that many users, musicians miss out on great opportunities if they don’t use them for their benefit. The progress of this social media platform has left the world shocked. Over the years, it has evolved from a photo-sharing app to a center where music entrepreneurs can also use it for their business.

But Instagram has paved its way into the music world on its own by coming up with artist-friendly features and other tools that help musicians stay on top of their market engagement. Being able to reach an extensive audience, and with access to the best features, Instagram can be the solution for both large-scale and cottage music entrepreneurs.

The only trick is to use the platform in the right way, and that will take your career to the top. Here are some essential steps that can help musicians use Instagram in the best ways possible:



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Essential Steps To Use Instagram For Your Music Career

Follow these steps carefully, and your music career will show great returns in the long run:

Step #1 Set Up The Instagram Account

The very first thing one must do is set up the Instagram account. Making an account is not difficult, but you need to set it up as a business account, and for that, you need to craft it accordingly. For instance, when setting up the account, you will have to choose a profile picture. Instead of choosing any random photo, you can opt for the logo of your band, a cover of a new album, EP, etc.

Since musicians are looking to establish themselves as a brand, it is essential for them to make their own logo so that the audience can recognize them. Then you need to move on to the account name and the user name. Both of them are different. The account name shows on the top of the bio and can include spaces. It is best to keep the account name the same as the name of the music entrepreneur name. Similarly, also use your music pseudonym or band name as a user name. Use underscores or full stops to space out words in your username.


When writing the bio of your account, give a brief description of your band, music business, or any type of music career you do, and be sure to add a clickable URL. Your followers can use that to reach your website.

Step #2 Community Building

The next thing to do is to get followers. Community building is essential if you want your Instagram account to grow and for your musical career to prosper. But this can be difficult as you cannot get the attention of your audience without meeting them halfway. However, there are different things you can do to build a community of followers, listeners, and people who use your musical services, depending on what sort of music career you are approaching. For instance, you can use hashtags in the content you post so that your musical business is easy to discover for anyone who is following those hashtags. Hashtags are general search tools that help artists direct the attention of their target audience towards their music, services and products.

It is a good idea to go for more specific hashtags so that your music business does not get lost in the pool of other content. Moreover, you can use your customers as your ambassadors and let them tag you in their posts so that you can have a better outreach. It will also give your entrepreneurship a chance to explore new groups of people and build your community. If you can build a community effectively, that will give your musical business the boost it needs.

Step #3 Post Content

Posting content on your Instagram is the obvious thing to do, but you need to be careful as to what you are posting. You cannot just post anything; you will have to post content that serves a purpose. For example, if you are an artist and want to promote a new album or a music release, you should post information and links to it, make a promotional video, or add a countdown to the release date on Instagram stories. If you work as a sound producer and want to grow your audience and find potential clients, try posting examples of your music projects and collaborations with artists, add links to your Soundcloud and Spotify, post a full information on services you provide and how you can help musicians with their work.

The main factor you need to keep in mind is that the content you post should be relevant to what type of music business you are running. Effective posts can very add your target audience into the clients’ funnel, making them a very effective means of advertising.



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Step #4 Set Your Music Brand Apart

There are lots of other musicians and entrepreneurs on Instagram that have already built a supportive audience and received enough recognition on Instagram. are offering the same This is why you need to use your creative juices and think of ways you can stand out from the crowd and build a unique image for your music career. Your Instagram profile should tell a compelling story, and there are different ways you can achieve that. For instance, you can come up with quirky marketing strategies that allow you to post unique content that can spark the interest of your target audience, experiment with the types of posts, and learn what gets the most engagement on Instagram.

Step #5 Showcase Your Music

The main purpose of your Instagram account is to introduce and motivate your audience to use your services. The audiences will not know of the products you offer unless you show them. You can use unique ways to promote your music and use different features like stories and reels to hype up your product. This hype can play well into the curiosity of your audience.

Even though Instagram was originally a picture-sharing application, now video content is taking over the platform. You can create several videos yourself, or you can set up a competition for your audiences to come up with different music videos using your song. This can increase customer engagement and also highlight your music to the masses.

Step #6 Influencer Marketing

Instagram is full of influencers. Influencer marketing has become a very popular concept where different brands reach out to popular influencers and ask them to come up with content for the services. These can also be used for artists and people approaching a musical career. These influencers have a large following, and if they take agree to help you with your brand, they can build a community for your music business.

With their reviews or other content surrounding your music or the services you provide, you may see a significant increase in engagement on your profile. Musicians can also send these influencers different PR packages and request them to give a shout-out. Other than that, you can draft a contract with these influencers and pay them to be the face of your music brand.

Step #7 Instagram Ads

All businesses need ads, and Instagram Ads are a great way to reach out to your target audience. You can choose several advertising options for you. You can choose videos, photos, and more to feature your music to all the people that fall in your target audience.



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Step #8 Be Consistent

As an artist, you need to stay relevant, and one way to do that is to be consistent in your posts. You will quickly lose followers and engagement if you are not consistent with your posts. Post frequently and come up with different Instagram strategies that can help you promote your musical career and get the attention of your target audience.


Social media provides many opportunities to musicians and artists of all sorts that want to take their career to the top. Instagram, if used properly, can give you the best playing ground to interact with audiences, showcase your musical achievements, and increase recognition as an artist. The key factor, however, is that you start your musical career with the knowledge on how to use Instagram in the best way!


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