Carl Cox Talamanca

Carl Cox lands invigorating remix of BURNS’ ‘Talamanca’

House and techno legend Carl Cox returns brandishing new music in the form of a fresh new remix, giving new legs to BURNS‘ sensational production, ‘Talamanca’.

If you haven’t heard the mesmerising melodies packed into the 3-minute-long, 2021 hit track ‘Talamanca’, then where have you been? It comes as no surprise that one of the scenes heavyweights wanted to be on the remix for this BURNS original with its infectious, feel-good nature. It has lured the legendary DJ and producer into providing his own refreshing club-orientated twist, seeing him extend the record ready for any dancefloor he steps up to. Honing in on dramatic percussive elements in the rework, Cox demonstrates his experience and versatility once more, in creating a remix that none will forget after he plays it out. He joins a long list of esteemed artists who have also tried their hand at remixing the track, which includes the likes of Vintage Culture, Cristoph and Robin Schulz.

Carl Cox has been keeping himself busy in the off-season, having just featured in his own BBC documentary, “Music and Motorbikes”, in which he talks about his love for speed! With the summer fast approaching, he won’t stop there, as the relentless 59-year-old is expected to perform at shows across Europe, with the likes of Creamfields, Parklife, Delta and Kappa Futur on his agenda.

Expect to hear this brand new remix at these aforementioned shows, but before you do, you can check out the new Carl Cox remix of ‘Talamanca’ here.

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