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EDC Las Vegas 2022: Take a trip down memory lane into the magnificent cosmicMEADOW
Photo Credits: Yellow Claw Official Press

EDC Las Vegas 2022: Take a trip down memory lane into the magnificent cosmicMEADOW

Home Uncategorized EDC Las Vegas 2022: Take a trip down memory lane into the magnificent cosmicMEADOW

From the very first beats at the official EDC Las Vegas 2022 opening ceremony to the full-on bass-induced madness to follow, the cosmicMEADOW stage is truly one of a kind and we are taking you on a trip down memory lane as we focus on a few special moments from this year.

Kicking off EDC Las Vegas 2022 at the cosmicMEADOW stage is a tradition for many attendees and what better way to celebrate and immerse yourself into an array of genres including hip-hop, trap, bass, and house music. Hosted by HARD, the stage lineup this year was undeniably impeccable and the amount of talent represented was unmatchable. With this year being an amazing experience for many including myself, cosmicMEADOW will always play a special part in my festival experience and memories moving forward. A selection of highlights include Yellow Claw throwing it down with an OG trap set, Jauz surprising his fans with an appearance and live show from the legend Snoop Dogg to Hulk Gang consisting of Valentino Khan and 4B bringing on GTA and Flosstradamus to absolutely destroy the stage in the best way possible, the cosmicMEADOW was on fire from start to finish.

Yellow Claw

Photo Credits: Yellow Claw Official Press

Bringing it back to their roots with the hard-trap and slow-tempo bass signatures, Yellow Claw is a name that will never die in the music industry and they proved that during their massive set at the cosmicMEADOW this year. The Dutch production duo not only showcased their festival-ready sound to their fan base but have created a family immediately present at the festival and united through the love of music. Undeniably my favorite set of EDC Las Vegas 2022, the amount of energy and nostalgia Yellow Claw radiated towards their audience is unexplainable. United once again, Yellow Claw are both the OG’s of trap and the party gods, throwing it down with both classics and new gems, the crowd could not sit down during their set and that is a fact. From rinsing out an unreleased remix of Rawtek and Stoltenhoff’s “Energy,” to dropping “Trap Anthem,” Yellow Claw put all of their dedication into this set and we could feel it right from the beginning. From throwing it back to their huge collaboration with DJ Snake on “Ocho Cinco” to even blessing us with “Kaolo” from Mad Decent, this was honestly the craziest Yellow Claw set I have ever experienced and the crowd immediately knew this was the one to go the hardest to.

Nitti Gritti B2B Wuki

A portrayal of both Nitti Gritti and Wuki’s signature sound, high tempo madness, and even some wonky trap was heavily incorporated during their legendary back-to-back set at the cosmicMEADOW. Nitti Gritti and Wuki absolutely smashed the stage as they teased fans with several unreleased tunes right from the start to get the crowd moving in no time. From dropping tunes such as Nitti Gritti’s “Fear,” Space Laces “Dominate,” and even Wuki’s “Thunderstruck,” the crowd was all ears for it and we would not have had it any other way. A top set indeed for many during the festival, the smooth transitions Nitti Gritti and Wuki made to keep the crowd engaged did not go unnoticed. As furies of bass and alarming sounds alert attendees alongside the impressive audio and visual production, these two artists definitely threw it down in full force and we could not be happier.

DJ Diesel

DJ Diesel EDC Las Vegas 2022

Photo Credits: DJ Diesel Official Press

Globally recognized as the World’s Biggest DJ, DJ Diesel also known as Shaquille O’Neal proved he can easily fuel attendees with colossal amounts of bass and dubstep signatures no matter what time of the day it is. Taking the cosmicMEADOW into his own hands as he engaged the crowd with the utmost energy, DJ Diesel is definitely here to stay and we are all here for it. From playing his very own unreleased tunes to his massive collaboration on “Moshpit,” with Nitti Gritti and IVORY, moshpits were definitely in full force during this heavy-hitting set. One of the heaviest sets during the entire festival indeed, if you were not riding the rail during his set you were clearly doing something wrong. A true natural for crowd control, the legend even brought on Lebron James as a surprise guest while those filthy basslines took over the stage. Iconic? Yes, indeed it was and so much more.

Be sure to let us know your favorite EDC set from cosmicMEADOW in the comments below.

Photo Credits: Yellow Claw Official Press

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