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Gabry Ponte releases huge remix of Pascal Letoublon & Leony’s ‘Friendships (Lost My Love)’: Listen

Gabry Ponte expands his ever-growing and impressive discography with an official remix of ‘Friendships (Lost My Love)‘ by Pascal Letoublon & Leony. 

Firing on all cylinders as of late, one of Italy’s most famed producers Gaby Ponte is once again honing his remixing skills and has released his take on the huge anthem ‘Friendships (Lost My Love)‘ by Pascal Letoublon and Leony. With over 160+ million streams on the original versions of the track, Ponte now takes it into a new dimension.

When someone like Gabry Ponte combines with one of the biggest dance hits in recent times, you know it will be nothing short of massive and this is exactly what it is. Set to be just as dynamic and explosive as the original versions are, Ponte uses his extensive knowledge of creating party anthems and dancefloor fillers to drive his version forward. He captures the most magical elements of the version crafted by Pascal Letoublon and Leony, utilising the electrifying guitars and its melody but. building upon it and giving it a new face, to make fans feel like they are listening to something truly unique whilst still being able to connect with the original. Sizzling synths and a darker, club-like undertone set the tone for the larger-than-life drop, with the overall result proving why he is one of the most respected artists in the game.

With the festival season approaching and the club nightlife back in full swing and as strong as ever, Gabry Ponte has curated an anthem that goes hand in hand with those epic, unforgettable mainstage moments. Expect to hear this one everywhere as it dominates all the playlists, out now via Virgin Records Germany and available to stream here or below.


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