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Grimes opens EDC Las Vegas set with Anyma collaboration, ‘Welcome to the Opera’

Grimes took the opportunity of premiering her collaboration with Anyma, ‘Welcome to the Opera,’ during her EDC Las Vegas set last weekend.”I would still like to edit the song more,” Grimes says

Opening her EDC Las Vegas set in the most unique of fashions, Grimes took full advantage of the occasion, and in turn, premiered her collaboration with Anyma, entitled ‘Welcome to the Opera.’ Better known as one half of legendary techno duo Tale of Us, Anyma (real name Matteo Milleri) has been making a clear statement on how significant the merge between the digital world and music actually is, further indicating the NFT relation of this upcoming single, and the clear connection between the artist’s and the metaverse.

Offering the most breathtaking of visuals, ‘Welcome to the Opera’ has been speculated to be a part of Grimes’s new project, Techno Timeline, and when taking into account Anyma’s presence on the track, it becomes ever so clear on how a link between music and the current hype surrounding NFTs, is one that this time round most definitely cannot go unnoticed. Taking to her social media accounts, and Instagram in particular, Grimes made evident that the first ever collaboration between the two artists is now fact, and although an announcement regarding a possible demo drop was also mentioned, the very first taste of this scintillating production was brought to life during Grimes’s introduction at EDC Las Vegas this past weekend.

Leaving open the possibility of ‘Welcome to the Opera’ being further developed before its official release, Grimes let the world know that “I would still like to edit the song more which prob make u all hate me but just so it’s online for sum time.” With this in mind, be sure to check out this collaboration for the ages during Grimes’s EDC Las Vegas set below, and once we get our hands on the official release, will be providing an in depth review of this certified hit. Don’t forget to leave us your own thoughts on this upcoming collaboration in the comments section. Enjoy!

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