Hardwell Press 2022

Hardwell unveils new single ‘Dopamine’ from his upcoming album: Listen

Dutch Legend Hardwell has unveiled another techno anthem from his latest album ‘Rebels Never Die’‘Dopamine’ was released this Friday on all streaming platforms by his label Revealed Recordings. This instrumental anthem is one of the many IDs up Hardwell’s sleeve, made as a perfect energetic build-up for his upcoming sets on the world tour.

Hardwell is on a roll with his latest album’s releases, giving his fans and the EDM community something to talk about and listen to every week, and this time that’s his latest addition ‘Dopamine’. The Dutch legend has come back in style this year with a fresh new sound, and has been releasing new tracks from his upcoming album Rebels Never Die ever since. With showcasing his IDs on explosive Ultra Miami set, now it’s time for putting the tracks out there, and the track ‘Dopamine’ is his fifth release from the album, landing on all streaming platforms.

‘Dopamine’ is an energetic techno addition packed with a powerful buildup and futuristic sounds. Released after the dark, mystical track ‘Black Magic’, this track is full of energy and has a catchy rhythm, standing as a remnant of Hardwell’s older tracks, while letting new techno-based sound take over the flow. This instrumental track is sure to keep the crowd on their feet on his upcoming sets for the world tour, and after showcasing all album’s IDs on his Ultra Miami set this year, the hype is real. Catch him at Ultra Europe, Tomorrowland, Untold, Ushuaïa Ibiza and many more.

‘Dopamine’ by Hardwell, released on all streaming platforms by his label Revealed Recordings, can be checked out down below:

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