Kris Cayden

Kris Cayden discusses main inspirations, latest ‘Daydream In Color’ LP and more: Interview

Providing us all with a further insight into his remarkable life, Kris Cayden discusses all things relating to his unique style of play, gaining support from fellow peers, the production of his most recent ‘Daydream In Color‘ LP, and more.

Looking to leave his own mark within the electronic dance industry, Kris Cayden (real name Andy Dravecz) has been blessing fans alike with the most scintillating of sound(s), whilst his ability of portraying an emotive feeling through each of his productions, can only further indicate the musical prowess of this artist to watch. Having started producing full time back in 2012, Cayden is more than set on leaving a lasting impact within our community, and at the same time, has gained the support from some of the biggest names within the dance scene, including Excision, 12th Planet, Downlink, Slushii and Whipped Cream when just naming a few. Wrecking bass frequencies at any given chance, it comes to no surprise that the dubstep scene has gained the most prominent of ambassadors, with the man of the moment, ensuring nothing less than thrilling vibes. With this said, we are more than happy to be joined by this fast-rising star, as Cayden discusses main inspirations and influences, the direct affiliation towards his unique style of play, the release of various full-length albums over the years, as well as his most recent LP, ‘Daydream In Color,’ future plans and more.

Hello and thank you for joining us! Could you give us a little insight on the main inspirations/influences that led to you following a career in music?

My main inspiration started early when I bought my first drum set when I was 7, and from then on, started with Linkin Park, Disturbed, and Blink-182. Moving forward, someone introduced me to Skrillex when I was in High School, In For The Kill and later Zomboy, who are still two of my biggest inspirations. I also have my homies and other producers who inspire me, such as Blaqout, Figmvnt, Freaky, Devious, Renegvde, Yellowtape, and Chrmndrs. Just people who push me forward and keep me doing better (If I forgot anyone I’m sorry there are a lot of talented producers out there).

With dubstep the prominent genre incorporated throughout your career, we would like to know the direct affiliation towards your style of play, as well as the possibility of venturing through various genres in the near future?

With my style of play, I actually start off with house normally, and I just up the BPM as I play along, but that varies on who I’m playing with, sometimes I’ll just play ridiculous noises for an hour. The venturing of new genres is most likely going to be house, like night bass.


Kris Cayden

Image Credit: Kris Cayden (Press)


Having gained the support from the likes of Excision, 12th Planet, Downlink, Slushii and Whipped Cream when just naming a few, we would like to know the overall feel of your music being recognised on the daily, as well as the significance of producing music that resonates with not only the crowds, but also fellow artists?

It feels really good being recognized, it makes you feel like it’s worth it, what you’ve been chasing. About significance, in my opinion as long as it is significant to you, that’s all that matters.

Releasing a variation of full-length albums over the years, could you give us an insight on the main thought process behind the production of each, as well as the overall message that you have set out to portray through each of your tracks?

Well I just write the most insane amount of music, ‘Paroxysm‘ was just an angry album, a bunch of dubstep that I just wanted people to headbang too. ‘Stranger Than Fiction‘ – playful and strange lots of weird sounds, ‘Lost & Found‘ – losing love and finding love, ‘Absolute On Infinity‘ – love, ‘Daydream In Color‘ – losing someone you can’t get back. Music is subjective and the perspective is different for everyone, not everyone might hear how I composed everything together, but I hope it helps them through whatever they are going through.

Talking about albums, congratulations on your most recent LP release, ‘Daydream In Color.’ We would like to know the overall feel behind this scintillating body of work, as well as the direction taken when producing and also selecting the featured tracks on the album?

The overall feel around this album, is just emotional, it’s not a specific one because everyone will feel something different. When I produce albums, I try to make sure its cohesive, everything kind of blends together, and sometimes if I can’t find the blend, I throw in a filler track, that’s where ‘Menace‘ came into play to be completely honest. I tell every producer I talk too, when you write a song, it’s like a book. Everything should make sense and be molded together into one tale, or a chapter if you’re writing an album.


Kris Cayden

Image Credit: Kris Cayden (Press)


Taking the dance scene by storm, one fire track at a time, we would like to know of any future Kris Cayden productions that may be on the horizon, as well as any plans for the rest of 2022?

My future plans right now are just writing. I’m not sure if I’m going to release another album. BUT I do have more music dropping very soon! + a bunch of collabs slowly but surely being finished!

Multifaceted in every sense of the word, Cayden is the epitome of an artist that has mastered his craft to the utmost of perfection, and we are all for it. Enticing audiences on the daily, we will most definitely be keeping a close eye on the man of the moment and all his future endeavors, but for the time being, make sure to stay up to date with all things Kris Cayden, by following him on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.


Featured Image Credit: Kris Cayden (via Press)

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