Longstocking comes forth with new release ‘Cozy’: Listen

Seattle-based artist Longstocking has released a heartwarming deep house record, ‘Cozy’ via Artichokes Are Yellow.

Denni Kindred, better known as Longstocking, has timed the release of ‘Cozy’ to perfection; coming out of the coldest months and into the warmth of Spring allows ‘Cozy’ to be heard as it should. A deep house record that is warm, striking, and simply nice, is what everyone deserves. The title of the track is fitting and, well, cozy!

“While I produce a wide variety of genres including tech house, bass house, breaks, minimal, and techno, my deep house tracks tend to be celebrated more than others. Producing deep house is a form of creative self-love to quiet my anxieties and put my mind at ease. Cozy is exactly as it sounds and is adorably deep. In a harsh world with so much anger and conflict, Cozy is 3:46 of joy we could all use.” – Longstocking

Feeling unhappy about how far house music has veered from its roots, Longstocking decided to put in the effort to change that for the better. While being a trans femme/non-binary artist has its own challenges, their releases really speak for themselves. So far, Longstocking has obtained a top-five spot across various Beatport Top 100 charts, with every single release. Whether it be ‘Pleasure Fodder’, ‘Troupe’, or ‘Poser’, every release of theirs has solidified its place in the underground scene. 

As one of Seattle’s finest underground producers, alongside fellow artists such as ZOF, Emuh, and Tony H, Longstocking only continues to thrive in the underground scene. Rumour has it that the launch of a brand new music label could be on the cards this summer for Longstocking…

You can stream ‘Cozy’ by Longstocking on Spotify down below, please be sure to let us know your thoughts!

Image Credit: Longstocking (Press)

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