RICO The Chainsmokers 'High'

RICO unveils hard-hitting melodic remake of The Chainsmokers single ‘High’: Listen

Elevating his presence at any given chance, RICO has just unveiled a scintillating remix of The Chainsmokers hit single ‘High.’ “This vocal was a perfect fit for a heavy melodic RICO vibe,” RICO says

Taking inspiration from the purest of art forms that can be found in music, RICO (real name Richard Holzhauer) has been adding his own distinctive touch to already certified hits, and in turn, has been further amplifying tracks with each of his highly melodic remixes. Expanding his musical catalogue with yet another rendition for the ages, this fast-rising star has just blessed us all with the most scintillating of remakes, as he builds on the already infectious singleHigh‘ by The Chainsmokers, whilst infusing the heaviest of melodic touches that will have anyone feeling some type of way.

Ensuring the most mesmersing of end results, RICO has made a name for himself within the dance scene, as each of his productions result in the ultimate transformation of the hottest pop records at a moment in time. Delivering uplifting chord progressions, epic breakdowns, and of course, hard-hitting melodic drops, it comes to no surprise that some of the biggest names within our community have been supporting this artist to watch at any given chance. With this said, this latest rendition of ‘High,’ acts as a clear indicator of everything that RICO has set out to achieve within the dance scene, whilst at the same time, ensures that both the aura of the original has remained intact, but in turn, his distinctive sound is what elevates the remix to a different dimension.

“I’m always looking for the next vocal that has me thinking outside the box with my productions. I wonder how I can make the track work with my others but still sound totally different. This vocal was a perfect fit for a heavy melodic RICO vibe.” – RICO

Out now, RICO’s rendition of ‘High’ is more than destined for the top of the charts, as the man of the moment has left us all in awe once again. A true masterpiece of a track in our books, be sure to check out this highly addictive remix in all its glory below, and we will most definitely be keeping a close eye on this multifaceted artist and all his future endeavors. For the time being however, you can stay up to date with all things RICO, by following him on Instagram and Soundcloud. Enjoy!

Image Credit: RICO (via Press)

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