Premiere: Rudy Touzet unveils stunning remix of ‘Goodnight Moon’ by Lamentis: Listen

Taking the original ‘Goodnight Moon’ track by Rudy Touzet to another dimension, Lamentis unveils his take on the popular release. “I couldn’t wait to release this version and wanted to give my fans a taste of summer” stated Touzet.

Based in Miami, pop singer-songwriter Rudy Touzet is someone who has been taking the musical world by storm with his ability to create songs that instantly stick in the minds of listeners, causing them to hit the repeat button. ‘Goodnight Moon‘ is one of those tracks, and now it receives an official remix, fresh from the hands of young producer Lamentis.

About the remix, Rudy Touzet stated:

“As soon as I heard the remix to Goodnight Moon, I said this has to come out immediately. This remix really brings out the summer vibes and I can just imagine myself blasting this at the beach or in my car with the windows down! I couldn’t wait to release this version and wanted to give my fans a taste of summer before I release new music!”

Instantly starting the track on a high, it wastes no time in getting started with bliss, shining beats that just scream summer. The feel-good house and piano vibes are the perfect recipe for the ultimate summer anthem, whether at a party with friends or dancing to your favourite DJ at a festival mainstage. Versatile in its sound, it also gives both artist’s skills time to shine with Lamentis ensuring that everyone is hanging onto each note played within the carefully crafted soundscape, whereas Rudy Touzet’s vocals play the biggest starring role.

Having all the hallmarks of being a bona fide commercial success around the pop and electronic spheres, we expect to hear this one on all the radio stations as we edge closer and closer to the upcoming summer season. Check out the remix by Lamentis below for yourself.


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