Home Uncategorized San Holo reveals remix version of his sophomore album – 'bb u ok? Deluxe': Listen
San Holo reveals remix version of his sophomore album – 'bb u ok? Deluxe': Listen
bb u ok?
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San Holo reveals remix version of his sophomore album – 'bb u ok? Deluxe': Listen

Home Uncategorized San Holo reveals remix version of his sophomore album – 'bb u ok? Deluxe': Listen

Dutch artist San Holo released a remix version of his latest album – ‘bb u ok? Deluxe’ on bitbird/Counter records. The album contains two discs with 12 new remixes and a new original track ‘i don’t feel anything anymore’. The list of artists include familiar names of Chet Porter, Laxcity and Nils Hoffmann, with rising stars in the scene like Tsu Nami and Sam Day.

San Holo has been flourishing with new exciting new releases in post-pandemic period, and his remix album bb u ok? Deluxe is no different. This Dutch artist has released the remix album on May 6 on his record label bitbird, and contains two discs. The first disc has all of the original ‘bb u ok?’ tracks with addition to an exclusive new track called ‘i don’t feel anything anymore’. The second disc contains 12 new remixes and is packed with names of San’s previous collaborations like Chet Porter, along with rising stars in the scene like Tsu Nami, Sam DayLaxcity and a well-established pioneer of chill house Nils Hoffmann.

His magnum opus bitbird is known for releasing community-based albums and contain ‘mega collabs’, implying a strong community of all the artists that cross paths with the Dutch artist. This album’s features are diverse and each name brings its unique twist to San’s work, from Tsu Nami’s funky synths in her remix of ‘bb u ok?’ to Elohim’s cozy, lo-fi like sounds in his remix of ‘find your way’ or Skygate’s hyper, energetic remix of ‘bb u ok?’. When asked about his experience making the ‘bb u ok?’ remix, Sam Day said this for We Rave You:

“It was genuinely so incredible and surreal to be apart of San’s album. He’s always been such a huge influence and inspiration of mine, not just in music, but in attitude towards life. I genuinely love the whole album, even more so after watching the documentary about it! It’s an honor to be featured alongside so many amazing artists.”

The remix album has something for every listener, as it blends different cozy, vibey sounds into one compilation that stays true to its emotional origins, while adding different rhythms for a perfect summer playlist recipe. Genre limitations don’t exist anymore when it comes to projects coming from San Holo, and this remix album proves that as well – best creations in music come when artists show their true nature with no genre constrictions. San has been known to cover his most famous song ‘Light’ on instruments like his electric guitar, or recently ukulele on a show in Hawaii, and is currently touring the U.S. for his album release, with an addition of headlining Klokgebouw in The Netherlands. You can watch the aforementioned album documentary here.

San Holo’s addition to the first disc ‘i don’t feel anything anymore’ is a track packed with emotions, and follows the theme of the first version of album – post-breakup emotions and experience of adapting to a new life after it. It’s a gloomy emotional track San has said to be waiting for a while to release due to its meaning to the Dutch artist. It achieves to evoke emotions in his listeners, adding more to the inside joke of his new sound being called ‘EmoDM’. San’s new sound relies less on loud bass and his future bass origins, and is there to capture an emotion and share it with the listener. If he has achieved this, you can see for yourself below in beautiful visualizer for the track:

‘bb u ok? Deluxe’ was released on May 6th by bitbird/Counter Records on all music streaming platforms, and you can give it a listen down below:

Image credit: press

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