Solardo pair up with E11EVN to spread dreamy vibes with ‘So Far So Good’: Listen

Solardo have teamed up with E11EVN to create atmospherical bliss. The collaboration of the two British names is an expansive fusion of styles, crafted for massive crowds and big stages.

So Far So Good‘ would be an understatement to describe Solardo’s career. Let’s put aside their astronomical success and meteoric rise and focus solely on 2022, which isn’t even halfway through yet. Earlier this year, Solardo released it on Sola, one of their three imprints, a techno-infused single that set the tone and energy with which the duo would pace themselves. Many have been the shows they have headlined and beyond their residency at Ushuaïa Ibiza alongside fellow duo CamelPhat, Solardo will yet deliver another edition of their incredible HIGHER festival in Croatia this summer. As if that wasn’t enough, the brothers are now joined by a British artist they have been supporting. E11EVN is a talented rising star that Solardo has been keeping an eye on and under his wing. Hailing from Manchester, E11EVN wants to prove that he has a mature sound to present, much the result of his experience in the clubbing sphere. ‘So Far So Good’ is the track that brings Solardo and E11EVN together in a dreamy and somewhat old-school vibe, already available on the usual platforms via Ultra Records.

The beginning catapults you straight into the 80s, with a classic computerised riff. It’s not long before a dense melody puts you back in the present and opens the door to a blend of dreamy underground and organic groove. ‘So Far So Good’ is a real headache to catalogue, for fusing and paying homage to so many genres simultaneously, but it’s dance music at its best. The vocal sample that sounds like a little scream gives it a half tribal, somewhat forest vibe, reminiscent of the mystical Tulum parties and its dreamy vibe. The booming low frequencies give it a more clubbing feel, while the synth orchestra gives it an irresistible anthemic personality. This track is a dichotomy of rhythms and pacing, travelling between shadow and light in a progressive and pulsating dance. The ingeniousness of its architecture makes ‘So Far So Good’ a perfect track to ignite a packed crowd on the main stage or to blow the minds of club ravers. It is undoubtedly a track you will be listening to again and again this summer. Give it a listen below.

Image credit: Craig Flemming