Swedish House Mafia Bar Mitzvah

Swedish House Mafia perform at private Bar Mitzvah in Israel

Offering everyone in attendance with an experience of a lifetime, legendary trio Swedish House Mafia have just performed at a private Bar Mitzvah in Israel. Hosted by the Nakash Brothers group, this event was most definitely one for the ages.

With electronic music playing a stellar part in the Middle East over the years, it has become something of a custom for private events to be booking some of the biggest names within our community, in order for them to provide the entertainment factor for a particular occasion. Achieving just that, legendary trio Swedish House Mafia have just performed at private Bar Mitzvah in Israel, with everyone in attendance experiencing a show like no other, and in fact, creating memories for a lifetime.

Organised by the Nakash Brothers, an international investment group owned by Joe, Rafi and Avi Nakash, this special event was held in honour of one of the kids of the three brothers, with the Bar Mitzvah marking the coming of age and more specifically the child becoming a Jewish adult. Having created a business empire not only in Israel, but also around the world, the Nakash Brothers have seen their establishments grow from strenght to strenght as time progresses, and in fact, they have been expanding through various sectors, including; hotels, real estate, aviation, shipping, agriculture and general industrial relations.

As expected, this private event was definitely one for the ages, and what better way to celebrate becoming an adult, than a live performance from the hottest act in electronic music at this moment in time. Also in attendance, globally renowned innovator and entrepreneur, Dave Grutman, took to his social media accounts, and posted a picture with the Swedish icons, as they were about to perform at this private event in Israel. An unforgettable night for everyone invited, this most definitely won’t be the first or the last time we get to see major names from our scene performing at private events in the Middle East, and not only.

Image Credit: Dave Grutman (via Instagram)

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