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The Transformation from Music Venues to Online Music Streams

As technology evolves, and particularly with the recent limitations put upon the music industry due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the number of concerts taking place online as a live stream. Artists can use an online portfolio builder at ease with the help of website builders such as Wix to assist them in growing a resume with online music streaming.

Drawbacks of online concerts

One of the main benefits of live concerts, particularly for smaller acts who are making significantly less money with ticket sales, is the ability to sell merchandise at shows. Most acts will make the majority of their money from merch sales, and people attending events are much more likely to buy it if they are there and know it is the only opportunity to purchase it. Although there is more time to sell merch when you’re booking online concerts, as viewers can purchase before, during and after, there is much less of a novelty there and it may discourage some audience members from purchasing.


One of the wonderful things about live music events is being in the same room as a performer that you love. This can be extremely difficult to recreate over the internet, however including some behind-the-scenes footage as well as setting up Q&As with your fans can be one way of increasing this reach and letting your audience feel up-close and personal. This can also be used to boost ticket sales that you would normally be able to sell for a more VIP experience. In-person you might have better seating options or even meet and greet ticket options, all at a slightly higher price point. Although you may feel that those aren’t possible online, there are other things you can do, such as give shoutouts and play requests, or even provide certain ticket holders with bonus content. Providing tiered experiences like this ensures that your fans are still getting the most and that those who want to pay for a more personalised experience are able to.


Benefits of online concerts

Online music streams can be a great way for performers to share their whole portfolios with audiences as well as put on a show featuring their more popular materials. Musicians can use a portfolio builder to gather all of their work into one place and then link to it from their online music stream, giving everyone in attendance 1-click access to their whole back catalogue. Live streaming concerts can also be a great opportunity to record some of the work you are doing which can then be added to your portfolio too. Combining both an online portfolio with online concerts will help to keep everything together and make your portfolio really easy to access for anyone looking to book you for future work.

The great thing about an online concert is that you don’t have to pay to hire a venue or cover travel costs or accommodation for artists travelling to the concert. This means you have more scope to include more artists in the lineup, which will in turn interest a wider audience, hopefully resulting in more ticket sales for you. Consider putting on a series of events to raise money for a charity with a diverse cast of acts to attract audiences from all sectors of the industry. Additionally, there will be several attendees who will want to see more than one concert, so you will maximise ticket sales this way.

Playing online gigs means that your audience can listen and enjoy from the comfort of their own homes. No more waiting in long lines, travelling to and from the concert venue or expensive drinks, now you can sit back on your sofa and watch your favourite artist play. There are so many ways to make an online concert special for your attendees, including offering a variety of experiences that you may not be able to offer as easily in person. Screening music videos, exclusive cover versions of songs or throwback shows from earlier points in their career can all be great benefits of online screenings.

Nowadays most online streaming services also offer chat services so that all attendees can still talk, connect and experience the show together. Although it isn’t quite the same as being in a room full of music lovers, a chat function on a live stream means that those who wish to talk and connect are able to, and at the same time, those who would rather sit back and enjoy the show quietly can minimise the chat tab and do so comfortably, without distraction.

Although there are a few drawbacks to online concerts, there are features being added all the time that improve not just the accessibility, but the user experience and socialisation aspects of online concerts, making them a great substitute in a time when we can’t all gather together in the one place.

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