Wake Me Up

Avicii’s genre altering song ‘Wake Me Up’ with Aloe Blacc turns 9 years old

It’s hard to imagine a world where Avicii never releases “Wake Me Up.” The track not only propelled the Swedish icon into the mainstream light but it changed the way we view dance music. Now, as we celebrate its ninth birthday, it’s still as breathtaking as the first time it graced our ears.

There is an elite group of tracks in music. When these tracks are released to the world, they make a generational size impact. They never get old no matter how many times they are played, and when they come on over the speakers, it’s impossible not to sing. The leader of this category may no doubt be the 2013 smash hit “Wake Me Up” from Avicii himself, that has just turned nine years old.

Those who, at the time, were deep in the electronic scene knew the name Avicii. He was billed on the highest line of every electronic music festival across the world. However, his name was still hidden from most people on the outside. But on June 17th, 2013, that narrative changed.

The track, which features Aloe Blacc, changed Avicii’s career forever as it catapulted him into the mainstream audience. Blending country/folk-inspired instruments with his progressive house sound, it was a song that made people rethink how to create electronic music. “Wake Me Up” quickly shot up the charts as it went #1 in over 30 countries and has gained 1.59 billion streams on Spotify and 2.1 billion views on Youtube. It has generated multiple covers from other artists along with countless platinum certifications and even a Billboard Music Award for Best Dance Song that year.

“Wake Me Up” was not always beloved. When Avicii first played it out at Ultra 2013, it received negative criticism, but the legend knew before any of us did. It just goes to show the genius of Avicii, and while he is no longer here with us, his music will live on forever.

Relive one of the most successful tracks in the history of music below.

Image Credit: Rukes.com

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