Beyoncé samples Robin S’ ‘Show Me Love’ in newest single ‘BREAK MY SOUL’

Beyoncé seems to have been the latest mainstream artist to catch the house bug recently with her newest single ‘BREAK MY SOUL’.  This is her first major single from a solo studio album in six years, her last album release being Lemonade.

The new surprise single dropped in the early hours of June 21st and breathes like fresh air to music fans all over the world. The new Beyoncé  record, titled ‘BREAK MY SOUL’ is nearly five minutes long and samples Big Freeda’s 2014 bounce track ‘Explode’ and Robin S.’s 1994 house banger ‘Show Me Love’.  An upbeat, uptempo melody and driving kicks flood the sonic space seamlessly as Beyoncé’s signature vocals sit delicately on top giving us what we’ve been craving these past six long years. To put it simply, we couldn’t expect anything less from Queen B herself.

It’s no secret that as of recently, mainstream artists have hopped along the “House” train.  While there are countless DJ/producers that have even created dual aliases just to dedicate separate releases to the primal genre, it seems as if it’s spreading inter-genre-ly.

Rap and R&B fans are still simmering in Drake’s latest release that came earlier this week in the form of his seventh studio album entitled ‘Honestly, Nevermind’. The 14-track heavily house-inspired album was co-produced by some of the biggest names in EDM such as Gordo (formally known as Carnage) and Black Coffee.  So far, it’s received mixed reviews from fans.

Whether it’s just a coincidence or not, as dedicated house music fans, we couldn’t be happier to bring the genre to the forefront with the recognition it deserves.


Image Credit: Bigotes de Gato | Fotografía via Flickr (Commercial Use Allowed)