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Boris Brejcha returns to Fckng Serious with highly anticipated EP ‘Up Down Jumper’: Listen

Boris Brejcha calls upon his purest joker sound to create double perfection on his new 2-track EP.

Boris Brejcha is Fckng Serious on his latest release. After 4 years in which you saw the master of high-tech-minimal works being edited by Ultra Music, Boris Brejcha returns to his roots to release a bombastic EP on the label he founded in 2015. This is a return to the origins, the genesis and also the more primitive sound that serves as the signature of the famous joker. The new EP is made up of two techno gems, ‘Up Down Jumper‘ and ‘Keep Rollin‘, and is available for purchase and streaming now via Fckng Serious.

With Boris Brejcha nothing is conventional. His Venetian mask is part of what makes him so famous, as his music does the rest. But if the features of his mask are static, his productions and performances are drenched with emotions. Apart from a tour in Colombia, Peru, Brazil and the USA, Boris Brejcha has been present at the most important events and is also expected this summer at Pula Music Week and Tomorrowland. Recently, he performed a magical driving set at the emblematic and mythical arena in Nimes, France, for Cercle. In these performances, two particularly exciting tracks stood out for enclosing what can be called the joker sound. They are ‘Up Down Jumper’ and ‘Keep Rollin’, which after having left so many crowds in awe, finally come to your hand.

The title track is dense and corpulent, filling the space and your mind. It’s packed with synths dancing all over the place and metallic distortions that give depth and dimension to the track. It’s minimal yet quite complex, delivering everything it promises. The percussion maintains Boris’ signature progressive rhythm. It’s engaging, always maintaining a soundscape that reels you in and bewitches you. That’s Boris Brejcha.

‘Keep Rollin’ is quite distinct from its EP companion. Much sharper and more acidic, this track unfolds in high-tech frequencies that seem to play a game of illusionism. Loops and breaks are the perfect dichotomies that create driving and hypnotic sequences. Small vocoder appearances make it clear that this is another magic trick from Boris Brejcha, who manages once again to play with your mind through two distinguished and addictive tracks. Even the cover art is absolutely desirable. Listen below:

Image Credit: Boris Brejcha Press / Provided by Measure PR UK