Dennis Cartier 'How Are You'

Dennis Cartier returns with emotive new single ‘How Are You’: Listen

Portraying the most emotive of messages through his latest release, Dennis Cartier will have listeners embark on the most meaningful of journeys as they are captivated by ‘How Are You.”Through this song, I want to show that it’s not bad to not feel good sometimes,” Cartier says

Blessing fans alike with the most emotive of sound(s), Dennis Cartier has just released a trance track for the ages, entitled ‘How Are You.’ Channeling his love for music in a fashion that is as meaningful as it can get, the Belgian DJ/producer has set out on portraying a clear message regarding mental health issues, and how each individual copes with their day to day lives. More than set on taking listeners on a journey like no other, ‘How Are You’ will have anyone feeling some type of way from start to finish, with this fast-rising star once again showcasing the world his undeniable musical prowess.

Fresh off the recent success for his hit collaborationVen Pa Ca‘ alongside Aurelios, Cartier has set his sights on global domination, and we are all for it. Making his own mark with each of his productions, it is hard to not notice the true versatile nature of this artist to watch, with his musical catalogue spanning from pop in the form of ‘Don’t Let Go,’ as well as with eclectic singles in the form of ‘Closer‘ featuring Broz Rodriguez, and ‘Voy a Bailar.’ Following a different direction this time round, ‘How Are You’ acts as a clear representation of everything that Cartier has set out to achieve within his career thus far, with the man of the moment also stating the following on the significance that relates to the message of his song;

“I made ‘How Are You’ a year ago when I was depressed and felt burnt-out. Making this track has been a healing process for me. We need to ask the question more: “How are you really doing?” Going to a psychologist or a psychotherapist is still a taboo. Through this song, I want to show that it’s not bad to not feel good sometimes. But if you need help, you should seek help.”

Describing life through his music, ‘How Are You’ perfectly implements trance atmospheres, saxophone and guitar narrations, whilst the message of hope and unity is one that will leave a lasting impact on anyone lucky enough to get their hands on this certified hit. Out now, be sure to check out this masterpiece of a track in all its glory below, with streaming through all major platforms also available here. We will most definitely be keeping a close eye on Cartier and all his future endeavors, but for the time being, we would also like to know your thoughts in the comments section. Enjoy!


Image Credit: Dennis Cartier (via Press)

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