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Solomun stuns with a rough reinterpretation of ‘Smile’ by ÄTNA: Listen

Solomun and ÄTNA meet again to give more joy to music lovers.

That’s right, Solomun once again unites his musical superpowers with young german duo ÄTNA, this time to deliver a supreme remix of ‘Smile‘. It was in 2021 that Mladen Solomun’s sophomore album ‘Nobody Is Not Love‘ came out, a surprise box full of fabulous concept tracks that speak volumes about Somolun’s feelings and vividly present his vision of music. One of those gems is ‘Tuk Tuk‘, an electro-pop inspired track resulting from the collaboration of Solomun and ÄTNA.

Empowering, energetic and urban, the single brought out the level of the artists’ backbone, conveying an unparalleled strength and vivacity. In October 2021, ÄTNA complemented their eclectic and interesting portfolio with another single. ‘Smile’ is the sonic translation of the very concept of this avant-garde formation. Groundbreaking, weird, quirky and twisted. The single is uncompromising like its authors, diving into the realms of acceptance, freedom, and self-purpose, things difficult to maintain in this crazy modern world. The recipe is simple and infallible: a rhythmic beat and transcendent vocals.

Now, and resuming the creative link that unites Solomun and ÄTNA, a new work that reunites them is born. Out now via Humming Records, Solomun’s interpretation of ‘Smile’ is quite astonishing. There is no doubt that he is one of the most talented and respected figures on the current scene and that he owns a very marked signature. However, for this remix of this single by ÄTNA, Solomun lets a rather unusual side surface. Harsh, rough, with heavy and penetrating bass. This rendition gives steroids to ÄTNA’s quirkiness, exalting a saturated, complex and deliciously addictive atmosphere. It’s from now but could be from 2025 as it’s extremely modern, fresh and innovative. The remix adds more rhythm, more elegance, more darkness and harshness to the original. The vocals are more formal here, more vocoder and less alien, but retaining a fantastic uniqueness. Solomun has taken the experimental sound of ÄTNA and turned ‘Smile’ into an exquisite club-ready cut, cut out to astound the world’s most highly regarded clubs. It’s manly, powerful, different and something you’ll want to listen to again and again. Get started now below:


Image Credit: Solomun (via Facebook), ÄTNA (via Facebook)