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Jax Jones & Martin Solveig release ‘Lonely Heart’: Listen

Jax Jones and Martin Solveig have teamed up with GRACEY to release ‘Lonely Heart‘.  The track is part of an ongoing collection of collaborations between Jones and Solveig, who are now calling themselves Europa.

While announcing the new release via Instagram, Martin Solveig reflected on the three years of working together with Jax Jones, celebrated their releases and had this to say about the ongoing friendship and production work:

3 years ago we started to talk together with @jaxjones and this conversation never ended as we shared experience in the studio and learnt to collab, exploring things that we wouldn’t have done on our own. This is our 3rd single together after « all day and night » and « tequila ». I guess we can call ourself a band ! Europa is friendship and dance music celebration, narrowing the gap between London and Paris, and hopefuly between everyone in the crowd.

Their newest track, ‘Lonely Heart’, opens with vocalist GRACEY getting things started, before a light pad and eventually a pumping kick are added to the track, driving it along until it hits the chorus and the infectious “Can you feel it when my lonely heart breaks?” vocal takes over, before the beat kicks back in. From there, the vocal tag is littered over a pulsing house beat and synth stabs, making it impossible ignore the energy of the track. Just like previous singles ‘All Day And Night‘ and ‘Tequila,’ Jones and Solveig perfectly marry an unbelievable top line with  a vibe and energy that is built for both radio play and festivals and clubs around the world. As we can see from Solveig’s Instagram post, him and Jones are very much enjoying their work together so fans should expect a lot more from the Europa project in the future.

Check out the new single below on Spotify now.

Image credit: Martin Solveig (via Facebook

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