Audient ASP4816-HE

NAMM 2022: Audient showcase ASP4816-HE analog mixing console

As the NAMM show of 2022 already flew by in a heartbeat, we got to experience an exciting range of the newest pieces of hardware. One of the most interesting pieces of gear that caught our eye was the newest analog console by Audient. Its vintage appearance, but most importantly, its features made us dive a little deeper into this piece of gear. Have a look down below and find out what this console holds on to.


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The Audient ASP4816 – Heritage Edition was displayed as the British company’s newest asset. Their latest, large format recording console, ASP8024-HE has been used as the foundation of the newest in line. Some new interesting features have been implemented that will add some extra bite to your tracks. The monitoring grade headphone amplifier has been added in order to connect multiple headphones to multiple audio sources, at the same time, through high-quality AD/DA converters. For remote, latching footswitch triggers have been added as well as hands-free talkback, and a gain VU meter. In the line with the entire range of Audient, you’ll find 48 inputs and 16 Console mic presses on this console. Due to its monitoring capability, processing, summing, routing, and a broad range of connectivity you can easily use this console in both professional and project studios. Furthermore, vintage mix bus processing has been added. Included within are multiple equalizers from many mastering consoles, new low-bump & high-lift equalizers, and a real transformer drive. Get the most out of its analog coloring by using it in line with the Mix Bus Compressor.


The console will be available for the market starting July, at a price of $19,999.

Have a closer look down below:

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Image Credits: Audient

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