ARTBAT presented a memorable immersive set at Tomorrowland during Weekend 1: Watch

ARTBAT didn’t skip out on David Guetta & MORTEN tracks in what was a breath-taking set at the Tomorrowland Freedom stage.

Ukrainian duo ARTBAT took the Freedom Stage by storm last Sunday, setting the tone for the last day of the first weekend of this year’s edition of Tomorrowland with some masterful music. This duo is already renowned for offering immersive and deep sonic journeys, often guided by their unique and distinctive productions. Matched with the idyllic and fantastical stage decor, the performance ARTBAT offered was once again proof of their wizarding powers when it comes to bewitching a large audience with a tracklist not all known, but all envied.

In about an hour and a half, many were the known songs that made the delight of the public, sometimes tearing the lyrics of the most anthemic. The scenery matched perfectly with what that immensity of music lovers was about to witness. A rain of lasers, luminescent butterflies that flapped their wings, a mysterious glow of light. The Freedom stage served as the perfect setting for this glorious set.

Recently, the duo were at Hï Ibiza for a top-quality b2b with David Guetta at his Future Rave residency. What might seem unlikely at first resulted in an explosive set where they displayed some tracks by Guetta & MORTEN. ARTBAT used those weapons again, some still unknown and also the incredible ‘Permanence‘.

Last year ARTBAT presented their label UPPERGROUND and with the birth of this new project, they presented new music. The first single was ‘Flume‘, an incredible ID that represents so well their creators and that had a captive place in this set at Tomorrowland. From the same label, we also heard ‘Blossom‘ from melodic colleague Stephan Jolk. These are special tracks that make the moments on the dancefloor special and that is why ARTBAT selected some of the tracks that have marked great moments in their career such as their remix of ‘Return to Oz‘ by Monolink, their rendition of ‘Keep Control‘ by Sono and the much loved ‘All For a Feeling‘ with CamelPhat.

The setlist is packed with many more quality dance cuts, available to see here. Lucky are all those who danced under the Freedom stage roof last Sunday at Tomorrowland. For those festivalgoers who have tickets for the next two weekends of the festival, cheer up, ARTBAT will be back to the Freedom stage on W2 and they’ll be hitting the mainstage decks during W3. Are you ready?


Image Credit: ARTBAT (Press)