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Boris Brejcha delivers stunning set at Tomorrowland 2022 mainstage: Watch

Boris Brejcha brought his “High-Tech Minimal” sounds to the mainstage at Tomorrowland for the third weekend of this years event.  Donning is iconic joker mask, the German DJ wasted no time turning up the energy as fans from around the world gathered at the mainstage for his set.

For the second song of his set, Brejcha dropped the yet to be released single, Level One, a pounding and heavy hitting single that clearly is built to get fans engaged right away.  From there, the masked producer slowed things down a bit, playing from his 2021 album, Never Stop Dancing, the song Afterlife allowed the crowd to catch their breath as Brejcha’s production showcased his keen attention to creating a story and allowing the music to ebb and flow before building back up for his 2022 track Up Down Jumper.  Navigating into his remix of Hardwell’s Call Me A Spaceman would be the closest Brejcha would come to playing the more traditional sounds fans may associate with mainstage acts at large festivals.  It is this variety and willingness to of event organizers to showcase the talents of different producers and genre’s that helps Tomorrowland attract such a vast audience as well as maintain its position as one of the elite experiences for the electronic music community.

One of the key elements of a Boris Brejcha set is he doesn’t rely on a flurry of mash-ups, edits and remixes.  The productions he creates and releases are tailor made to be experienced in the clubs and on festival stages around the world.  For his hour long time slot, the DJ leaned heavily on his own productions, both new and old, playing just 11 tracks but with a confidence and swagger worthy of the Reflection of Love stage at Tomorrowland 2022.  Brejcha will continue to tour Europe through the rest of the year and check out the video below of his Tomorrowland performance!


Image Credit: Boris Brejcha Press / Provided by Measure PR UK

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